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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

Tim Burton’s First Trailer For Frankenweenie!

More like Frankenween-weeeeeeeeeeee!! AMIRITE? It’s the first trailer for Tim Burton’s doggie-Frankenstein film, Frankenweenie. A little history: Burton was fired from Disney back in 1984 for making a live-action version of this film (It starred Shelley DuvallDaniel Stern and Barret Oliver [Bastian from The Neverending Story]). It was deemed too scary for kids and Burton didn’t really fit in with Disney’s cookie-cutter image at the time. The short wasn’t released at the time but Burton of course went on to become a huge star for just that type of work and had a healthy relationship with Disney down the road. This new, stop-motion version of Frankenweenie stars the voices of  Charlie TahanMartin LandauMartin ShortWinona Ryder, and Catherine O’Hara. It opens in 3D, October 5.

(via Collider)

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  • Anonymous

    Is Danny Elfman doing the music? Because that sure as hell sounds like him :D 

  • Anonymous

    It was eventually released, after, as you say, Tim became such a big star. It’s available at amazon streaming as we speak.

  • Jen Rock

    I remember the Disney Channel showing the original Frankenweenie when I was a kid, so sometime after his success, they started using the live-action short on TV to make money.

  • Lilly

    is this real life?

  • Anonymous

    It was released. My music teacher showed it to us in eighth grade. It was a special feature on the Nightmare Before Christmas DVD.

  • A Talbot

    This looks so morbidly adorable! I love how the characters resemble the one’s from Corpse Bride. (Burton’s last Stop Motion)

  • Frodo Baggins

    Burton is back. I’m definitely seeing this.

  • Adam Farley

    The original was released as a special feature on The Nightmare Before Christmas DVD along with Burton’s Vincent short. Either way, with this and ParaNorman coming out I’m crazy excited about animated films in the next year.