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A New Terminator Television Series Is On The Way & Will Intersect With The Film Reboot

Well this was unexpected. It’s just been announced a new Terminator television series is being developed, a series which will tie-in to the upcoming reboot trilogy. They’ve got Thor and X-Men: First Class writers along for the ride but the premise has us both slightly worried and hopeful. 

Last we heard on the Terminator front was a short-list of actresses up for the role of Sarah Connor in the film reboot. Originally, Emilia Clarke, Brie Larson, and Margot Robbie’s names were floated, then Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany. Though more recent reports have it down to just Clarke and Larson now. Director Alan Taylor, of Game of Thrones and Thor: The Dark World fame, is helming at least the first film in this new trilogy.

The Hollywood Reporter now say producers have hired, “writers Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller to write and executive produce a new Terminator television series that will be in conjunction with the rebooted feature. Skydance and Annapurna have combined the forces of the creative teams behind both the film and TV series for the new project.”

What exactly does that mean for the series and films? We’re not quite sure, but here’s what THR says about the plot of the TV show:

The TV series will follow a critical moment from the first Terminator film (1984) and, where the film’s story goes one way, the upcoming series will take the same moment in a completely different direction. As the rebooted film trilogy and the new TV series progress, the two narratives will intersect with each other in surprising and dramatic ways.

What could this mean for either project? I think we can rule out Sarah Connor being terminated, right? I mean, they aren’t going to throw away both her and John in the process. What other critical moment is there in the film besides her survival? Her being impregnated by Kyle Reese. He could die before that happens, leaving her to find a different path to the future, or perhaps he doesn’t and she has a girl instead of a boy. That would be interesting for sure. Doubtful on that one, though. Perhaps Kyle will stay alive long enough for Sarah to have a child only to see her perish sometime after (by Terminator or not), leaving him to raise the child and perhaps intersect with his own timeline? Part of me is also wishing they just continue with the cliffhanger left by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

My head is starting to hurt.

Bottom line, I hope they don’t cut out Sarah Connor from either of these. Though THR has some hopeful news on at least the film front in that regard, “[ArnoldSchwarzenegger will reprise his famed role in the new trilogy that is described as a time-spanning story that sees him tasked to protect Sarah Connor as she grows up.”

Stentz and Miller were also writers and producers for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which ran for two seasons on Fox. What are your thoughts on the news? Fingers crossed over here…

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  • Amourah

    I really liked the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I bought Season 1 on dvd and still rewatch it. (Do they have Season 2 on dvd?!)

    I just don’t see how this one is going to work “better” than it’s predecessor. I will not allow myself to get my hopes up only to be let down. Again.

  • Bittersweet Fountain

    Season 2 is definitely on DVD. You should watch it.

    I apologize in advance for the cliffhanger.

  • JMH

    I don’t think they mean it in a timey-wimey way, but from a plot way. Like, how S.H.I.E.L.D. is supposed to work, following a different thread of the plot.
    Does that make sense?
    I’m still not sure what I think about it, but it makes sense that someone else would try to do what Marvel is doing.

  • arbiterin

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles was so good. It still hurts that it got cancelled prematurely.

  • Bittersweet Fountain

    Terminator is my second favorite franchise. (Star Wars is first). I’m terrified, thrilled, excited, and upset all at the same time.


  • Becky Garbrick

    If there’s no Lena Headey, can’t say I’ll be too interested. I miss SCC too much

  • Ali Miller

    My thoughts are OH MY GOD. I am a huge TSCC fan. I mean, I followed the development of that damn show before it was even greenlit (T2 being one of my all-time favorite movies), and I was so impressed with the way the writers mined new, challenging concepts from the existing Terminator mythology (John Henry was a stroke of genius) – while also letting the Connor + Reese families take center stage, where they belong. I could not be happier that Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller are back in business here. At this point, there’s nobody post-T2 who has demonstrated a better understanding of the characters and elements that make this franchise work.

    I’m suddenly excited about the future of Terminator again.

  • Ali Miller

    Actually, I do suspect they mean it in a timey-wimey way. Terminator uses a branching time theory – one changed action creates a new future. The caveat for the reboot could be something as simple as “Kyle doesn’t die” – which would change the way everything plays out, and allow them to develop a brand new take on the story.

  • Amourah

    Woohoo! Looks like I know what I’m getting myself for X-Mas!

    I watched it all on the televisions so I’m very aware of how it ends. I take it that it is still as painful on the rewatch as it was watching live? Sigh.

  • Anonymous

    “…as she grows up.” I hope this doesn’t mean a teenage, fashion model Sarah Connor a la CW-esque garbage.

  • Bittersweet Fountain

    Yes, it’s every bit as painful on the rewatch. Whenever I get to the end while rewatching it makes me angry all over again that it got cancelled. :(

  • SuperFubar

    The Terminator franchise is starting to feel like one of those franchises that had 2 really good movies and then a bunch of direct-to-dvd sequels.

  • odango atama

    If this is a reboot, then why have Arnold back? Or is a reboot the same as a remake? Are they different?

    My point being, they left Toby McGuire behind in the Amazing Spider-Man, so why not find another Terminator for the reboot?

    Am I missing something?

  • Pink Apocalypse

    Hug a kitty. All will be well.

  • Mark Brown


    I was cool toward the Terminator reboot, but having Zack and Silent Ash back aboard, and with even the HINT of a TSCC resolution in the wind. . .

  • opalexian

    But she could give Emilia some tips and pointers if Clarke got the job at least!

  • daojun
  • Anonymous

    So Maslany is out and now they’re tacking on a tv show on top of it? Meh, color me not interested.

  • Mel Campbell

    I’m curious how they will explain away Arnie being obviously really old now. The whole point is that he is one product in the T-800 line – the model 101 – so recasting him always implied “sending another identical-looking terminator”. Terminator Salvation was criticised for CGI-ing Arnie’s younger face onto Roland Kickinger’s body, but for me that actually made sense.

    Also, there was an alternate plotline in a Terminator comic in which Sarah gives birth to a girl, Jane, rather than to John.

  • Tessa-Lynne {Villynne-in game}

    Bree on the short list?! Acting abilities aside, I think they’ll need someone with better looks if they also want to attract the other half of potential viewers (ie. males); well, those that aren’t sitting beside their so’s at the time.

  • Tessa-Lynne {Villynne-in game}

    Bree on the short list?! Acting abilities aside, I think they’ll need someone with better looks if they also want to attract the other half of potential viewers (ie. males); well, those that aren’t sitting beside their so’s at the time.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I don’t care anymore for the “Terminator” series. I admit I was a great fan of the astonishingly good TV series “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” but “Terminator Salvation” killed it for me. And all those hands the “Terminator” franchise has been wandering through… in the end it appears as if only everyone is defecating on the two great original creations of James Cameron.

    Let it rest, please.

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t air on fox. Please don’t air on fox…….

  • Michael Boulware

    Please for the love of god, please DO NOT air this on Fox or it will just get cancelled after a season or two regardless of how good it is.

  • Bob Franklin

    One can only hope the tards at Fox won’t be involved.