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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Meddling Kids

“Grandma, Give Back My Anime!” A Grandchild’s Struggle With His Otaku Grandmother

“My 89-year-old grandmother borrowed all of my anime DVDs and hasn’t given them back. How can I get her to return them?”

This may sound like the beginning of a joke “Ask Abby”, but for one Japanese reader of a website called My Navi, this is a serious question. In the website’s advice column, the reader explained the story to the rest of the users and sincerely wanted their advice on taking back his DVDs from his newly-inducted-otaku grandma.

The reader had always been a covert anime fan and no one in his family knew. One day his grandmother found out, and in a strange turn of events he ended up lending her his anime collection so she could see what it was he so loved. Much to his surprise, she fell in love with the series Hellsing and became such a fan that she began working quotes from the show into daily conversation.

She never gave her grandson back the DVDs, though, and therein lies the question. So you’ve made your grandmother an otaku. Now what?

The commenters suggested taking the discs while she wasn’t in her room, or waiting until the initial excitement around her new hobby faded.

The commenter also received more than just useful advice. One responder wrote: “What a wonderful grandmother. I respect this. That being said, this is pretty effing funny.”

Yeah, I’d have to agree.

It’s great to see that anime is bringing people together, even if it happens to be in ways they didn’t expect. That’s the best part of fandom– sharing your love of something with other people who either already feel similarly, or are interested in learning about something you’re passionate about. This kid just happened to get that experience in an unconventional way!

#Granime Problems.

(via Kotaku)

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  • Amanda Feijoo

    Watch the DVDs with Grandma maybe?

  • Shoshana B

    That grandma is me in 66 years.

  • Adam Cross

    “#Granime” … too good

  • Shoshana B

    “Sorry, friends and co-workers, I can’t go drinking with you guys after work tonight. I’ve got a date with my grandma and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood!”

  • DarthBetty

    “That’s the best part of fandom– sharing your love of something with other people who either already feel similarly, or are interested in learning about something you’re passionate about. ”

    This is exactly why I don’t get upset when I find out people haven’t watched something I love. It just means they have a whole world sitting on the bookshelf that as yet to unravel before them. I’ve been saving Dr. Who for years and am now watching it because I felt like it was the right time. I wanted to make sure I was genuinely intrigued and not watching it just because I didn’t want to be behind on internet culture.

  • Saronai Aldarion

    I would respect that…probably envy it too hee~

  • Saronai Aldarion

    I’d probably be so happy with my grandma I’d “gift” her my collection and save my money again to replenish my collection’s holes. Most likely I’d save until I could buy her her own copies (with possibly another season) as a future gift (then ask for mine back).

  • Amanda Feijoo

    Also the boy will be less likely to watch fan service anime that rely only on boobs and booties to sell…

  • Travis

    Man, just let her keep it. She’s your grandma. You’ll get it back one way or the other eventually.

  • Shoshana B

    On one hand that would be awesome, but on the other, have you SEEN Japanese DVD and Blu-ray prices? They are not fun times.

  • Anonymous

    When I was lending my family members volumes of manga, and this conversation ensued:

    Younger sibling: I’m going to Grandma’s house.
    Self: Don’t forget to bring a Death Note!
    Parents: o_O

  • Saronai Aldarion

    Yeah, I have, and can’t afford them often by any means. Let alone anime prices (which can be more expensive). I’m not saying he’s selfish by wanting them back or should suck it up. I just mean I would be so happy to have something like that in common with my grandma, I’d foot the cost and save for new ones happily lol.

  • Shoshana B

    Yeah, I get that. I can’t blame him if he would want to watch some anime in the meantime, though. It would probably take a while to save all that money.

  • Saronai Aldarion

    I would be more careful about this borrowing system in the future though. Would be a great excuse to just have an anime movie night with grams. I bring it over and we just enjoy the crap out of that stuff together. Then I go home…with my movies lol.

  • Saronai Aldarion

    True. I do know the cost of new is why I’ve stopped really following all the new stuff that’s out now.

    I’d probably like most of it, but I just don’t have the spare cash to grab something because it sounds interesting…can’t really see most of it on tv like I do the other series I like. When I borrow, I always return, it’s just the nice and appropriate thing to do.

    Still, would happily tolerate it if it meant I could geek out with my grams hee~

  • Shoshana B

    Yes, good plan. Hopefully they live in the same area and not on completely different islands or something. Though then I guess Granime Time would be good motivation to visit more…

  • Shoshana B

    Are you outside of Japan? Crunchyroll streams a good portion of each new season as it airs and, if your in the US or Canada, Funimation’s been streaming a fair amount as well. They are how I’ve survived grad school.

  • Amourah

    I remember when I found out my Abuelita was a Xena: The Warrior Princess fan – best day ever. After that we bonded over Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and all kinds of nerdly goodness. It was nice to know I wasn’t the only “oddball” in the family.

  • Helen

    It’s always pleasantly surprising when your family is receptive to your interests. My mom has actually watched several anime with me, (Full Metal Panic Fumuffu, Twelve Kingdoms, Death Note) and while she didn’t get into Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (the first season admittedly isn’t good) I was just really happy she enjoyed the things I loved.

    My dad on the other hand was much more dismissive but just two days ago we started watching Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) after I found out they actually wrote an article about the show on the Korean newspaper and he was into just as much as I was. It was really nice watching the show together.

    It’s just too bad that anime is mostly supported by otaku and that means the majority of anime caters to their tastes, which is all sorts unpleasant fanservice and the like. If only creativity did not have to limited by a budget.

    Oh and everyone go watch Attack on Titan. it has the best representation of female characters in military, or in general I’ve seen in anime so far. It has more female presence than even FMA Brotherhood, which I believe has the best female cast in anime period. Attack on Titan female characters kick. ass.

  • Owen Williams

    > , < Damn, dude…that's harsh, man… Funny, but harsh. :p

  • Emily Hill

    that is funny