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Disney Princesses Dressed as Their Princes

Godohelp on DeviantArt has reimagined a number of Disney princesses if they were wearing neatly tailored versions of their male counterparts’ most iconic costumes. I’ve never seen so many pants on so many Disney princesses.

(via Tumblr.)

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  • Charlie

    They all still look amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I love it when the internet shows me a thing I never knew I needed in my life. I love these!!

  • Gerald Kirby

    Rather glad to see that Tarzan’s loincloth wasn’t the costume chosen for Jane.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    Now I want to cosplay as that Belle

  • Kamil Kukowski

    belle would probably be the istigator (since she’s technically a geek)

  • electrasteph

    No kidding! this is my cosplay dream come true.

  • totz the plaid
  • Sertrel

    Jasmine wearing Aladdin’s street urchin costume would have been dubious as well.

  • Sertrel

    One of these things is not like the other… All of them are wearing the more formal costumes of their princes, except Rapunzel… Didn’t Flynn Rider have a more formal outfit at the very end of Tangled?

  • Mattias Berntson


    Love these so, so much. Amaze-tastic.

  • Isabel Morales

    Belle, take me I’m yours! *swoon*

  • R.O.U.S.

    oh man, these are so freaking cool.

  • Anonymous

    She was Adorable!

  • Anonymous

    She was Adorable!

  • Anonymous

    She was Adorable!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, THAT’S who that was! Considering the film ends with Jane wearing a fur dress, it would’ve been more redundant than anything else.

    That said, it’s a shame that while the women look very snazzy and sharp in male costumes, I doubt the same could be said for Beast in Belle’s gown…

  • Heather

    He did have a new outfit, but it was basically what he’d been wearing all movie in fancier fabrics.

    Original outfit

    Fancier outfit

  • Dessa Brewington

    Rather disappointed to see that Tarzan’s loincloth wasn’t the costume chosen for Jane.

  • Naomi Allen

    Sigh. Yes, the outfits are totes cutes but… They’re drawn to accentuate and emphasize the sexual femininity of the charachter with tight pants or waist-cinching breast-enhancing silhouettes. So while it would have been cool to see Milan in Shang’s well-fitting armor, or Pochahantas in rugged John Smith gear… We’re not gonna.

  • margrave

    link doesn’t work

  • totz the plaid

    Try this one instead:

    (Rapunzel is actually my favorite, but the extra one at the end of this post is too hilarious to ignore.)

  • Anonymous

    Seriously. That’s an AWESOME outfit.

  • Penny Dreadful

    Rapunzel looks like she was born to wear that outfit. very cool.

  • Elizabeth Wells

    Oh I disagree. Similar to these it would be tailored to his body type, but yeah, I want Beast (possibly prince-ified…) in the gold dress now. :)

  • Elizabeth Wells

    Where’s Tiana?

  • Tana

    Love Rapunzel here!

  • Kim Pittman

    Oh. My. God. These are the very best. *love love love*

    I really want to cosplay Belle or Ariel now!

  • Anonymous

    I have never been so attracted to Disney princesses. Damn. Just, something about ladies in tailored men’s clothing. Now I really want to cosplay as Belle or Rapunzel with these outfits.

  • Lily

    Rapunzel made candles, sewed, played chess, read (the same few books) and had a myriad of hobbies!

  • Dthoris this is the OP, as near as I can tell.

  • jjb
  • Elizabeth Wells

    *slow clap*
    (not what I had in mind… but still fun. And he just looks so happy in it!)