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Womanthology Exceeds Their Kickstarter Goal by Leaps and Bounds

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Womanthology, the massive compilation of female comic book writers — new and old, established and up-and-coming — has ended its Kickstarter campaign after reaching its goal of $25,000. Oh wait, though, that’s not really the news. The news is that it exceeded their goal more than four-fold and was able to raise over $100,000. ($109,301, to be exact. And they’d actually reached their original goal in seven days.) This was thanks to big backers including Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith, and about 2,000 other people who made donations of various sizes. IDW had already agreed to publish Womanthology, but the funds raised will go towards other projects and initiatives to help nurture and support women and girls breaking into the comic book industry.

Congratulations, Womanthology! This is mind-blowing success, and we’re so psyched for you!

(Womanthology on Kickstarter via The Beat)

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