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For Wizards On-the-Go: Wizardhood, a Condensed Version of the Harry Potter Movies

You don't need a Time Turner to watch all the Harry Potter movies in less than two hours.


Ever wanted a Time Turner just so you could sit around and watch movies all day without missing out on everything else that’s going on? This is kind of like that except really, really not.

According to Binge Clock, a website dedicated to timing movie and TV marathons, the entire Harry Potter film saga carries a hefty runtime of 19 hours and 39 minutes. Basically, it’s a solid, solid chunk of any given weekend. But if you’re on the go and still need your whimsy fix, then might I suggest Tim Stiefler’s Wizardhood? It’s all of that 19 hours and 39 minutes distilled and crystallized down to the most potent, magical 78 minutes to ever exist. I think. Maybe. I don’t know, there’s lots of magic in the world, so there. Anyway.

This short(er) version takes out a lot of the first five films, which mostly consist of world building and setup for the conflict that lies at the heart of the Harry Potter universe: the battle between Harry and Voldemort. Any fan of the films knows that the films change drastically in tone as the battle escalates, with the Goblet of Fire representing something of a turning point–fitting, it seems, given the fact that after Goblet, the eight-film series is halfway done.

The focus on the last few films certainly lands all the emphasis on Harry and pals, but to be completely honest I was always a fan of the world building. As I alluded to in my take on Goblet of Fire, the world surrounding our trio was always more intriguing to me. The Wizarding World is massive, and Goblet was a nice peek into just how massive it is. So this shortened series takes out a lot of what I find magical about the movies, though I understand its purpose and still consider it an intriguing look into the barest depiction of the conflict at the core of the movies.

Anyway, when you’re done with this, it’ll probably be time for your yearly (or, in my case, quarterly) re-watch of the Harry Potter movies. I’ll see you on the other side, pals.

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