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Apparently Ron DeSantis Legally Can’t Run For President Right Now

Republicans are already working to change that law, though.

A button featuring Ron DeSantis' face and the words "Ron Desantis for president 2024"

There are 600 days until the 2024 Presidential election. So you better start digging out the foundation for your concrete bunker. And while we all expect Ron DeSantis to enter the race as an equally terrible opponent to Donald Trump, he’s a tidbit that might surprise you: He actually can’t legally run for President right now because he is the Governor of Florida. Florida law dictates if you want to run for Federal office, you have to resign from your current position. But of course, this is Florida we’re talking about, meaning it’s controlled by Republicans, so they’re not going to let a few pesky laws stand in their way of helping their golden child. Per NPR:

But Republican lawmakers, including state Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, say don’t worry about the law — the legislature will repeal it. “When you think about it,” Passidomo recently told reporters, “if an individual who … is a Florida governor is running for president, he should be allowed to do it.”

OK. Just we’re clear: If you want control over your body, too bad, so sad. You’re an incubator for the government now. If you raised your hand and said to the third most populated state in the country, “Hey, I would like to be in charge of you” and now you are saying, “Hey, actually, I’d like to take on another full-time job; you cool being a latch-key state for awhile? I’ll ask Matt Gaetz to check in on you once in a while; pizza money’s on the table. Don’t burn the place down!” I guess you can, and an entire legislative body will bend over backwards to make sure you’re allowed to. What I’m saying is personal choice and freedom in this country is an illusion unless you’re a white guy in power whose sole mission in life seems to be taking away everyone else’s sliver of freedom that we have left.

That same NPR article offers up two other explanations as to why DeSantis hasn’t formally announced his run yet but come on. He’s running. Have you seen his wife, Casey? She’s dressing like she’s a darkest-timeline Jackie O at every event and clearly already daydreaming additional ways how she can desecrate the rose garden, on her vision board:

The first possible alternative explanation is that he doesn’t want to enter into a dogfight with Trump, yet. Yeah, those nicknames Ol’ Donnie gives really pack a punch in 2023. Per NPR:

“It was ‘Sleepy Joe,’ ” McDonald says, using Trump’s nickname for the president. “And DeSantis in some ways is fashioning himself out of the … mold of Sleepy Joe Biden, somebody who’s not throwing firebombs, someone who’s just more focused on policy.”

Always beware the policies and not the nicknames.

The final theory is that he just doesn’t want to enter into the race too early, burn out, and get knocked out. OK, that’s one way to look at it. Personally, I have another theory. I think he wants his dirty laundry to get aired out, like, you know, witnessing literal torture and laughing at people whose human rights are violated. He’ll wait for people to lose interest, and then he’ll announce. Or maybe he’ll announce next week; what do I know? There’s literally no bottom for the Republican party. They’re OK with children being massacred in classrooms. Insurrectionists in Congress. There is no bottom as to what they’ll tolerate as long as they’re in power.

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