Elizabeth Warren Played “Name That Billionaire” With Stephen Colbert Because She DGAF

Elizabeth Warren holds up a picture of Mike Bloomberg during "Name That Billionaire" with Stephen Colbert


Elizabeth Warren has made it clear that she’s not here to protect feelings. That isn’t to say she isn’t kind—because I truly believe she is—she just very obviously has no time to make sure powerful men feel coddled.

So, when Stephen Colbert invited her to play a new game called “Name That Billionaire,” oh, she named them.

The billionaire who definitely cuts his own bangs? The one who looks like the underside of a hairless cat? The one who knows everything about you? The one who doesn’t wear pants? Warren is right, these descriptions could apply to a lot of billionaires, but that’s not stopping her from making guesses.

Some other late-night hosts have versions of “Truth or Dare,” where they ask pressing questions and give guests the option to do something weird or gross or take shots if they don’t want to answer. Elizabeth Warren is not the kind of woman to ever have to choose “dare”—and again, that’s not because I think she’d ever be deliberately mean. I just can’t imagine her ever being anything less than 100% honest.

By the way, this game was part of a longer segment called “Hometown Hospitality” (Colbert is from South Carolina, which is holding their primary election this weekend), so if you want to watch Warren and a bowtie-bedecked Colbert drink bourbon and eat oysters (along with other food so rich she’s “gonna want to tax it”), take a watch.

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