Things We Saw Today: Vin Diesel’s Debut Single Is Great and No One Can Handle It

vin diesel as dom toretto in fate of the furious

Vin Diesel released his debut single today called “Feel Like I Do,” and yes, you read that right. And honestly? Vin Diesel might be on to something with this music career business cause this song is … a bop. The first single off Kygo’s latest album, Vin Diesel released the song on The Kelly Clarkson Show today with truly the best introduction to a single I’ve ever seen.

“I am blessed that on a year when normally, I’d be on a movie set, and as you know, that’s not possible, I’ve had another creative outlet,” the Fast & Furious star said in his video introduction which then led to Kelly Clarkson having her video audience dance to the song. (This is truly the most 2020 video to exist and I’m obsessed with it.)

From there, the internet was a mix of confusion and excitement because not only is this a baffling bit of information, but the song is … truly good? Like I can picture myself driving around town listening to this Vin Diesel song? What’s happening to me?

Did … anyone foresee Vin Diesel jumping headfirst into pop stardom?

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Here are some other stories we saw out there today:

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Anything we missed, Mary Suevians? Let us know what you saw in the comments below!

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