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Things We Saw Today: Twitter Explains the Difference Between Sci-Fi and Fantasy the Only Way It Knows How: With Memes

Hope this helps.

this chihuahua princess leia is too cute.

Twitter has gotten into the age-old discussion of what constitutes the line between sci-fi and fantasy. If you’ve ever found yourself not quite clear on which is which, have no fear, a new meme is here:

Of course, the best memes are the ones that cut extremely (and accurately) deep:

Hope this helps!

  • NASA is going to deliberately crash a spacecraft into a non-hazardous asteroid tonight. Rude. (via
  • According to his own diaries, Alan Rickman almost quit the franchise that shall not be named multiple times. (via AV Club)
  • We don’t limit bi visibility to just one day; here are 10 sci-fi and fantasy books with bisexual protagonists. (via The Portalist)
  • The cast of The Last of Us is STACKED. (via Pajiba)
  • Italy is on track to install its first far-right-led government since WWII. (via HuffPost)
  • And in other (maybe slightly less important) foreign politics news, there is apparently a version of Doom that lets you “kill Margaret Thatcher” and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn got to play it. (via Indy 100)

Good job getting through Monday!

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