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Things We Saw Today: Firefly Fans, Wear Your Displeasure With Fox On A Shirt

Things We Saw Today


Now you can wear your reaction to the great Jayne Hat Debacle of 2013 on a shirt. Clothingception. BRRRRM. (via Fashionably Geek, shirt available here)

New Zealand Parliament Passes Marriage Equality Law, Breaks Into Song. If you don’t smile at least a little starting 1:20 than you and I are very different, my friend.

Star Wars actor Richard LeParmentier, who played Admiral Motti in A New Hope, has passed away. He was 66. (DigitalSpy)

Via Comic Book Resources, What’s the nerdiest U.S. city? (Hint: It isn’t San Diego).

Treat yourself to some tea with a tea-drinking Mr. T. (by Leela Rae)

New Tiger Woods Video Game Includes Women’s Professional Tour For First Time. (ThinkProgress)

Transcendence, the directorial debut of Christopher Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister, has added two new cast members: Clifton Collins and Nolan regular Cillian Murphy. (TotalFilm, Variety)

These chainmail and armor-patterned leggings are a thing that exist. (MITMUNK)

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