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The “This Got Snubbed” Joke Tweets Are Chef’s Kiss

Florence Pugh looking terrified in Don't Worry Darling

Sometimes, you see the Oscar nominations and just think to yourself, “man, they got snubbed.” The “they” in question might not always be a serious thought and that’s where this list comes in. For many, the minute the Oscars were done announcing their nominees, fans got online to make jokes about who is going home empty handed.

It happens every year. And every year I make the same joke about Taron Egerton being snubbed for his role in Rocketman because I’ll never not be mad about that. But the point is that this is a favored past time of Oscar nomination day. You log on to social media and defend who you think should have gotten an award. Like Jenny the donkey from The Banshees of Inisherin.

No really though, she should have gotten a nomination for breaking our hearts because she really is that b*tch.

To be honest, it’s time to just make a category for those animals we love with our whole heart but will never get nominated. Simply because they’re animals. Which feels rude.

Others took the time to say how much they were upset their favorite Trader Joe’s didn’t make the cut.

While popular writer Meech took the time to send his threat to the Academy for constantly leaving Stuart Little out of the conversation.

It seemed as if this year, not even our new best friend and the savior of movies herself M3GAN could nab a nomination! A scandal indeed!

But my own personal snub was Matt Smith not getting a nomination for single-handedly carrying Morbius on his back. To be clear, I mean his shirtless back in that dancing scene that I’ll never stop thinking about.

And then, there was one that was … maybe being truthful? But just ended up being funny.

Just wait for the fictional film about the making of Don’t Worry Darling

Remember when Don’t Worry Darling came out and we were more interested in the nonsense that was part of the PR for it than anything else? Well, surprise! The movie ended up with … no Oscar nominations. Who could have seen that coming?

And so one of my favorite joke tweets about today was Pop Base tweeting that Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling “was shut out of the 2023 Oscars.” Was Pop Base being serious? Maybe but I’m taking it as a bit because why would it be in the Oscar race? The movie itself wasn’t really pushed for anything because, as far as we can tell, the star and the director want nothing to do with each other and the director and the male lead went through a break-up. So!

Now, the movie about the Venice Film Festival and what went down there? That is going to be worthy of Oscar nominations. And if someone isn’t already writing it, I will willingly put myself out there to take it on.

Overall, the memes were great because none of them are particularly serious. There were snubs that we should be angry about but this list? This is just for fun.

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