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The Egg Game From ‘I Think You Should Leave’ is Real

But if you play it, you gotta give.

A computer screen with a black and white game on it. At the top, the game says "FEED EGG." On the left is an egg with a face and its mouth wide open. On the right is a basket of smaller eggs.

Season 3 of I Think You Should Leave, the sketch comedy starring Tim Robinson (Detroiters) and a whole host of hilarious guest stars, is currently streaming on Netflix. One sketch features a bizarre (and definitely NSFW) game called “FEED EGGS.” It turns out the egg game isn’t just real—it’s available online for you to play.

What is the egg game in I Think You Should Leave?

In episode 2, “I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT,” Tim is in an office, getting chewed out by his angry coworkers. As they yell at him, Tim tries to play a computer game where you feed eggs to a larger, anthropomorphic egg. But the game doesn’t seem to work right. He feeds it egg after egg, only for the game to lowball him on the total number of eggs the big egg ate. And then one egg costs 40 eggs? But after that, as Tim’s coworkers come around to look, it seems to work right again. Tim beats the game and watches the end, in which the bigger egg pulls down its pants to show the player its privates.

As I watched the sketch, I wondered out loud how they made the egg game. Was it an actual, playable game that Tim Robinson was controlling with his mouse? Or was it animation that they added in postproduction?

I didn’t have to wait long to get my answer. I turned off the TV, opened Twitter, and there it was at the top of my feed. (My phone is definitely spying on me. I don’t even have an Alexa or anything, it’s my phone, I swear it’s listening to me.)

Yes, you can play the egg game from I Think You Should Leave

It turns out that the egg game was created by Alec Robbins, narrative director at Squanch Games. Robbins announced to the world that he “made it a fully-playable fake game for some reason,” and instructs everyone to “go watch it through the window of someone who’s still paying for netflix (sic).” It’s me. I’m still paying for Netflix.

Robbins also wants us to know that he worked especially hard on the butthole.

It’s a great butthole, Alec!

The egg game saga gets even weirder and more wonderful. After I Think You Should Leave season 3 dropped on Tuesday night, a Twitter user named Matthew Barton created a real version of the egg game at that you can play while a voice spouts random egg counts at you.

I played it, although I didn’t get very far. If you try to go super fast like Tim does in the sketch, then the eggs don’t make it into Big Egg’s mouth, and I didn’t have the patience to go slowly. I only fed it about five eggs before giving up, so I’m sorry if that’s bad journalism.

Proceeds from the egg game go to two excellent causes

Of course, if you play and enjoy the egg game, you gotta give. Barton has a donate button at the top of the game. You can either donate to the Ruth Ellis Center, which provides services to LGBTQ+ youth, or the cancer treatment fund for Biff Wiff, who stars in I Think You Should Leave seasons 2 and 3 (he plays Santa Claus in the “Detective Crashmore” sketches), and is currently in the hospital.

After you’ve finished donating, you can play more egg game, or watch seasons 1-3 of I Think You Should Leave on Netflix (on your own TV or through a window, either is fine with me).

(featured image: Netflix)

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