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Watch “The TED Talk That Might Make Every Man a Feminist” [VIDEO]

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This TED talk, delivered by Jackson Katz, Ph.D to TEDxFiDiWoman, is being called “the TED talk that might make every man a feminist” (Rebecca Eisenberg, Upworthy) If wishes were fishes, eh? Cynicism aside, Katz has a lot of good things to say about domestic abuse, sexual harassment, and other forms of gender violence, and the responsibility of men—not just those who commit it, but bystanders as well—to put an end to it. It sounds simple, but it’s something that’s often missed when gender violence as framed as a “women’s issue” (as if it’s not the behavior of the perpetrators that needs to change).

The talk took place back in February, but even though it’s a few months old I think it’s well worth a listen. I hope you think so, too.

(via: Skepchick)

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