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HBO Developing Digital Series Brown Girls, Bringing Story of Queer Women of Color to a Wider Audience

Another digital darling is moving up to the big leagues! Brown Girls debuted back in February and became a popular web-based series. Now, these queer women of color are moving to HBO.

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Racists and Sexists Hate On Star Trek Discovery‘s Diversity Even Though It’s Still Unbalanced in Their Favor

It's not even that serious, you guys.

It always makes me laugh whenever the very people who complain that "liberals are too sensitive," or that we're seeing injustices where they don't exist are the first people to pitch a fit at the slightest hint that maybe white, straight, male, cis, able-bodied, straight-sized people aren't the only people in the world. It doesn't surprise me, but it does always make me laugh. After all, people often project their own behavior on others, amirite?

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The Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna Scammer Movie Is Really Happening

What started off as essentially fan fiction and fan casting quickly picked up steam as Nyong'o and Rihanna both said they were game for the film, leading Black Twitter to start enlisting all kinds of Black Girl Magic like director Ava DuVernay and writer Issa Rae. Guess what? That's happening too.

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Normal Handshakes, Chris Pine: SNL Imagines the First Black Bachelorette

Pine's contestant makes multiple attempts to woo the beautiful bachelorette with classic likes like "I have said the word, but only when I sing along to rap music. Now, are they raps I write myself? Yes. Do I feel cool when I say it? Absolutely.”

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No, It’s Not a Hate Crime to Set a Trump Sign on Fire

Two women were initially charged with committing a hate crime after burning a Make America Great Again yard sign.

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Why Doctor Who’s Bill Potts Is Amazing (Beyond Being a Woman of Color)

We've been excited about Doctor Who's latest companion, Bill Potts, for a while now. Well, if you saw actress Pearl Mackie bring Bill to stunning life in the show's S10 premiere "The Pilot" over the weekend, you've likely already fallen in love with her. Of course, change isn't easy for people, and there are always going to be some who are skeptical of a new companion no matter what. Here are some reasons why you may just become smitten if you give her a chance.

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Beatriz at Dinner Trailer Provides Chilling Glimpse of the “First Great Film of the Trump Era”

It's important now, more than ever that we see depictions of Latinx in media that go beyond the impoverished immigration narrative. Latinx who may have accents and who may be immigrants, but who've lived and worked (legally even!) for decades and are intelligent, thoughtful, nuanced people. The trailer after the jump promises that the upcoming film Beatriz at Dinner, from Puerto Rican director Miguel Arteta, will deliver just that.

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Interview: Tee Franklin Honors the Stories of Queer, Black, Older Women in Her Graphic Novel, Bingo Love

It's rare enough to read comics that feature protagonists of color, female protagonists, LGBTQIA+ protagonists, or protagonists over A Certain Age. To have a comic that captures all four of those at once is a truly rare and beautiful thing. With her upcoming, self-published graphic novel, Bingo Love, comics creator (and creator of #BlackComicsMonth) Tee "Vixen" Franklin delivers on all of those things while telling a romantic story of love across the decades.

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Viola Davis Gives Intense, Emmy-Worthy Speech Accepting Award For Her Oscar-Worthy Performance

When Viola Davis gave her acceptance speech after winning Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars last night for her role in Fences, I needed to lie down. It was a moment so intense and emotional that it damn near wore me out just listening to it! But if anyone deserves to get intense and emotional while waxing poetic about what it means to be an artist, it's Viola Davis. Check out her full speech above.

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Karlie Kloss Apologizes for Yellowface Fashion Photo Spread…But Where’s Vogue’s Apology?

It's almost boring how common and seemingly acceptable yellowface and whitewashing Asian characters and culture is in popular media. Yet, when a world-renowned fashion publication purports to do a diversity issue, only to feature a white model doing a six-page, yellowfaced, weirdly orientalist photo spread while relegating non-white models to one page each? That's enough to make a person un-bored real fast.

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Celebrate Black History Month With the Brilliant Black Female Minds of Hidden Figures

If you live in one of 14 U.S. Cities, there may be a FREE SCREENING in your future!

Not only was Hidden Figures a solid biopic with some lovely performances (Taraji P. Henson is basically always amazing), but it told a story in desperate need of telling. Now, in honor of Black History Month, 21st Century Fox and AMC Theatres are joining forces to provide FREE SCREENINGS of the film!

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Amma Asante Responds to Backlash Toward Her Upcoming Period Film, Where Hands Touch

Piggybacking on the hype surrounding director Amma Asante's current film, A United Kingdom, which is now in theaters in the U.S, we've been getting information about her next, Where Hands Touch, which is currently in pre-production.

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The 2017 BAFTAs Give It Up For La La Land, As Expected—But 13th and Fences Also Took Trophies

Someone call a carpenter to install another shelf in Viola Davis' home, because she's going to need a place to put all of these well-deserved award trophies.

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Colleen Wing Shows Why She’s a Complete Badass in Iron Fist Clip

I wonder, though... what if she got to play Iron Fist?

After seeing this clip of Jessica Henwick in action, I'm left to wonder just what it would be like if Marvel ended up making her Iron Fist instead of Finn Jones. Sigh.

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[VIDEO] From Indie to Blockbuster: A United Kingdom Director Amma Asante

We've finally got an all new video for you in our From Indie to Blockbuster video series, spotlighting female directors we think should be given more attention (and employment!) and whom we'd love to see taking the reins on a blockbuster film. In this installment, we're focusing on Amma Asante, director of the upcoming film A United Kingdom.

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Octavia Spencer and Others Nationwide Help Underserved Girls See Hidden Figures, Because Representation Matters

Some movies are important for their artistic achievement. For others, their impact is about so much more than mere critical accolades. Hidden Figures is one such film, which is why star Octavia Spencer, as well as community leaders, teachers, and fraternities and sororities have been making it possible for underserved communities to see it when they otherwise might not be able to.

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There Are Many Reasons For Lady Liberty to Be Represented By a Black Woman, and Only One Reason Why Not

SPOILER: That one reason is racism.

Yesterday, the United States Mint unveiled the first in a series of gold "Liberty" coins that were created to celebrate 2017 as the Mint's 225th Anniversary Year. On this first coin, which you can see in the tweet above, Lady Liberty is a black woman crowned with stars. Since this is America, this naturally led to lots of, um, discussion.

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Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro Podcast Set to Give Comics’ Black Superheroines Their Due

When we talk about things like representation in comics, it's very easy to focus exclusively on what's not there. Equally important, however, is celebrating (and sometimes reminding ourselves!) of what is there and what has been there all along! Powerful black superheroines in comics are not new or news. Rather, they often don't get the coverage or conversation they deserve, despite their long, rich histories. Misty Knight's Uninformed Afro is looking to change that.

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[VIDEO] Prominent Women of Color in STEM Discuss the Black Girl Magic of Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures tells the real-life story of mathematician Katherine Johnson and her colleagues Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson who helped launch astronaut John Glenn into space.

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UPDATED: Being Latinx Is Not About Color: What We Can Learn From Floriana Lima’s Casting as Maggie Sawyer on Supergirl

I was immediately smitten with Floriana Lima on The CW's Supergirl. Her character's been billed by the show's creators as Latina, and Maggie herself talks about being a non-white lesbian growing up in Nebraska. It's an awesome and rare double-whammy of representation in a fictional universe. I also learned, when looking Lima up on Wikipedia to see her other credits, that she's not Latina at all, but Italian-American. This is where things got complicated.

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