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Celebrate Black History Month With the Brilliant Black Female Minds of Hidden Figures

If you live in one of 14 U.S. Cities, there may be a FREE SCREENING in your future!

Not only was Hidden Figures a solid biopic with some lovely performances (Taraji P. Henson is basically always amazing), but it told a story in desperate need of telling. Now, in honor of Black History Month, 21st Century Fox and AMC Theatres are joining forces to provide FREE SCREENINGS of the film!

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Dear White People Creator Justin Simien Intelligently Takes Down Supremely Ignorant Netflix “Boycott”

We're looking forward to the Netflix adaptation of Dear White People, and we had to laugh (and cry, and scream) at the people who not only believe that "white genocide" is a thing that exists (it isn't), but that it's something a Netflix show can cause, and so they're boycotting the streaming service. Thankfully, Dear White People's creator, Justin Simien, has put his laughing, crying, and screaming into coherent and intelligent words.

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Amma Asante Responds to Backlash Toward Her Upcoming Period Film, Where Hands Touch

Piggybacking on the hype surrounding director Amma Asante's current film, A United Kingdom, which is now in theaters in the U.S, we've been getting information about her next, Where Hands Touch, which is currently in pre-production.

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Female-Led Crowdfunding/Distribution Platform Seed&Spark Kicks Off #100DaysOfDiversity to Spotlight Marginalized Voices in Film

[UPDATED 1/21/17 - 2:45AM ET With Trump's inauguration, Seed&Spark is kicking off #100DaysOfDiversity. Because they're tired of think pieces and studies on gender and race disparity in Hollywood.

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The Crew Is Coming Back to Marvel Thanks to Ta-Nehisi Coates, Giving Black Superheroes More Comics Real Estate

Because today's world needs heroes like Misty Knight.

The world of Black Panther just keeps getting bigger! First, we had Ta-Nehisi Coates' critically-acclaimed run on the Black Panther solo title. Then, he broadened the world to ensure the inclusion of female voices and has partnered with Roxanne Gay and Yona Harvey to create Black Panther: World of Wakanda. Now, he's ushering in the return of Marvel's The Crew, returning a team of black superheroes to the spotlight.

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Octavia Spencer and Others Nationwide Help Underserved Girls See Hidden Figures, Because Representation Matters

Some movies are important for their artistic achievement. For others, their impact is about so much more than mere critical accolades. Hidden Figures is one such film, which is why star Octavia Spencer, as well as community leaders, teachers, and fraternities and sororities have been making it possible for underserved communities to see it when they otherwise might not be able to.

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There Are Many Reasons For Lady Liberty to Be Represented By a Black Woman, and Only One Reason Why Not

SPOILER: That one reason is racism.

Yesterday, the United States Mint unveiled the first in a series of gold "Liberty" coins that were created to celebrate 2017 as the Mint's 225th Anniversary Year. On this first coin, which you can see in the tweet above, Lady Liberty is a black woman crowned with stars. Since this is America, this naturally led to lots of, um, discussion.

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We Won’t Be Seeing Joseph Fiennes Playing Michael Jackson Anymore (Thank Goodness!)

Yesterday, TMS' Keisha Hatchett wrote about the baffling decision to cast Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson (with Stockard Channing as Elizabeth Taylor) in an episode of the Sky Arts series, Urban Myths. Thankfully, we won't actually have to sit through that particular episode.

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Daniel Wu Just Got Cast in the Tomb Raider Movie. Here’s Why I Hope He’s Playing Roth

Daniel Wu has just been tapped to just the Tomb Raider movie, and based on the description of his role, many have drawn the conclusion that he'll be playing a character similar to Conrad Roth from the 2013 Tomb Raider game.

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This Is Us Is the Parable on White Privilege America Needs

This Is (Literally) U.S.

This Is Us is low-key looking at race in America from a different angle every week, and that's exactly what we all need on television right now.

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Gilmore Girls: White Show, Or the Whitest Show Ever? One Tumblr Leads the Investigation

A Year In the Life of tokenism.

Much though we love Gilmore Girls, a major flaw that's been commented upon since the show first aired is that Stars Hollow is so dang white.

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Rogue One‘s Donnie Yen On “Being the First Chinese Actor Asked to Play a Prominent Role in a Star Wars Film”

Donnie Yen's character in Rogue One will have lots of cool martial arts sequences, but he's also an important character in other ways.

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Women Dominate In Warner Bros’ First Annual Emerging Directors Workshop, But Are Programs Like This Enough?

In an effort to diversify its directing pool, and the directing pool of Hollywood in general, Warner Brothers created its first Emerging Directors Program this year in an attempt to encourage and support marginalized talent. Those awarded the opportunity to participate in the workshop were announced today, and guess what? They're majority female!

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Invisible Universe Explores Connection Between Marginalized Voices and Real-World Oppression in Speculative Fiction

TMS' Charline Jao reported on the crowdfund for an awesome-looking documentary called Invisible Universe: A History of Blackness in Speculative Fiction by filmmaker M. Asli Dukan is finally almost ready for viewing eyes! In celebration, Dukan has released its first trailer, which you can see after the jump.

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Dear Marvel: Stop Sexualizing Female Teenage Characters Like Riri Williams. Love, Everyone

If you want people to stop "overreacting" to things like sexism and racism, here's a thought: stop allowing sexist and racist things to happen! Kthanks. But not "bye," because we have some stuff to discuss regarding recent variant covers featuring Riri Williams over at Marvel.

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Variety Report Shows Huge Discrepancy In Pay Between White TV Stars and Their Colleagues of Color In Addition to Gender Gap

We talk a lot around here about the gender wage gap in Hollywood, and how women not only get fewer opportunities, but are paid less when they do. Well, Variety collected some data on the the salaries our biggest TV stars get per episode, and it's glaringly obvious that, despite how well a show is doing, or how much critical acclaim a performer has, that white TV stars make more than non-white TV stars. By, like, a lot.

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My Favorite Moments From Luke Cage‘s First Episode & Open Thread

It was lit.

I had the pleasure of viewing “Moment of Truth” (and the extreme restraint to stop after that) and I can’t tell you how proud I already am of this show. [SPOILERS AHOY}

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Tim Burton’s Penchant for Making Predominately White Films Is a Choice—Not a Coincidence

So let's stop excusing it.

You might be sick of hearing about diversity and I might be exhausted from writing about it but until we stop treating people of color as accessories on screen, this conversation will continue to happen. That’s why I applaud Bustle’s Rachel Simon for opening up a dialogue with Tim Burton, whose films are predominantly white.

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[VIDEO] On Gabrielle Union and White Allies Educating Themselves on Issues of Race

Last week, I wrote a post about Gabrielle Union, and how she wanted to reach out to Hollywood peers like Amy Schumer and Kate Upton to have a frank discussion about their public missteps regarding race. In the above video, I go a little further with the idea that white allies should do their best to educate themselves before expecting help from people of color and suggest some tiny things they can do to do so while also caring for the people of color in their lives.

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Gabrielle Union Graciously Offers to Educate Amy Schumer on White Privilege Even Though That Shouldn’t Be Her Job

After the now-infamous Lenny Letter in which both Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer became the poster girls for White Feminism, Gabrielle Union was apparently one of the black voices Dunham listened to before finally apologizing for her careless comments. Now, Union would like to have a similar conversation with Schumer.

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