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Frog Suit Up for Dreamland With an 8-Bit Super Mario Bros. 3 Quilt

This Exists... Because of A Lady

These aren’t your grandmother’s quilts.

Before you head to dreamland frog (or tanuki), suit up with an 8-bit Super Mario Bros. 3 character quilt. Once again, Etsy is where geek meets crafts, and user bsayasane brings one of the best NES games ever right to your bedroom. It remains to be seen if sleeping with the quilt makes you dream about flying like Tanuki Mario, or whether you’ll just dream about being a plumber. More quilts, after the jump!

Frog Suit Mario, shown above, is available for $85.00 + shipping.

Tanuki Mario: This lap quilt has already sold, but I’m hoping she’ll make another.

Winged Goomba: Also $85.00 + shipping

Jessica Broughton writes for Grrlwriter.

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