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In A World Where All Fingers Are Superheroes, Big Crisis Events Are Even Weirder

To infinity and beyond!

And the Justice League and the Avengers, by necessity, have only five members. Photographed by Julian Wolkenstein and costumed by Tamara Maynes, these tiny heroes and heroines might possibly have their own adventures, but my German is a bit rusty (that is, nonexistent). From what I’ve been able to figure out, however, the above is Rocket Woman, and below we have…

Angle Man…

Voltage Woman…

Birdman (there may be some copyright calls on this one)…

and Mini Girl.

Wolkenstein and Maynes say they will not be held accountable for any exaggerated “Whoooooooooosh” noises pronounced by anyone who chooses to follow their example. (They didn’t actually say that.)

(Thaeger via Bitrebels.)

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