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C’mon, Straights! Billy Needs You To Turn Out for ‘Bros’ Like You Do for Boring Straight Romcoms

Billy is back on the street!

Billy Eichner Paul Rudd Bros Billy on the Street

After three long years, Billy Eichner posted a new segment of Billy on the Street yesterday. If you haven’t watched the show before, I am sorry you’ve missed out on comedy gold. (Don’t fret! You can binge it all on HBO Max). Basically, the comedic “game show” is Billy running up to strangers on the street asking them trivia, trying to get them to do something absurd, or just generally shouting at them. Personally, I would do almost anything Billy screamed at me.

This time, Eichner went out to promote his new gay romantic comedy, Bros. He’s out there trying to get randoms to see his movie, coming to theaters at the end of September. His main goal? Getting straight people amped to see Bros. He even enlisted the help of Paul Rudd, a celebrity straights of all genders would do anything for.

Everyone deserves a good romcom

Romcoms may not be my favorite genre, but they are still hugely important in our media landscape. They serve as something light, fun, and full of love. They give us hope, make us feel better, and are a great activity for date nights. And when they break the mold, they change lives. I mean, where would this world be without My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Bros is pushing into different territory, giving us a mainstream, R-rated gay romantic comedy. Some people Eichner ran into were disappointingly uncomfortable with the gay sex aspect, but honestly, how many more straight sex scenes do we need? Like there aren’t enough already? With the film written by Eichner and produced by Apatow Productions (Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), I feel like we are in good hands. There is no real reason not to see this movie. How many times have you watched a romcom just because a certain romcom star was in it? Or watched it solely for being a safe choice of entertainment? And how many of those were so mind-numbing you wished for the last two hours of your life back?

This time, see it for Billy. As Eichner said in his newest segment, he’s been working for twenty years to get this movie made. In those years, he has brought joy to the world. Even if you haven’t watched Billy on the Street, you probably saw him on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. In those later seasons, he was a gem, AN ABSOLUTE GEM!

If you want to be a good ally, you will go to the theaters on September 30 to see Bros. Billy needs you to. Paul Rudd wants you to. (He even wore a Bros shirt and tried to carry a man to the movie.) And we know the lesbians want you to go.

(featured image: Billy Eichner on Twitter/Billy on the Street)

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