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Starting In 2015 We’re Getting a New Star Wars Movie Every Year Until Disney Stops Making Money Off Of Them

May The Force Be With You


The reality of new Stars Wars movies hasn’t really sunk in for me before now. Strange, I know, since we already have a writer and a director for Episode VII. But for some reason it took Disney’s announcement that they’re committing to a movie every summer starting in 2015 that really brought it home for me that, holy crap, we’re getting new Star Wars movies. A lot of new Star Wars movies.

Help, I’m starting to panic.

The plan, as explained by Disney at CinemaCon, is to alternate “core” movies—that’d be Episodes VII, VIII, and IX—with standalone spinoffs. We already knew that Disney was planning to do both those things, but them releasing a movie a year is a surprise.

Or is it? Marvel Studios puts out two movies a year, and while it took them a few years post-Iron Man to ramp it up to that level, if anyone has the resources and the infrastructure to get a lot of movies out quickly, it’s Disney. This is the studio that announced Oz the Great and Powerful is getting a sequel the day the movie came out. They released four Pirates of the Caribbean movies in eight years, and that was never even a planned franchise. Of course they’re going to release as many Star Wars movies as they can. They want to make money.

And that, I think, is why this “one movie a year” news sent a spike of cold fear through my gut. (I’m exaggerating, but only slightly.) Disney’s track record with live-action franchises is good in terms of box office. But in terms of quality? Not so much. Then again, Disney knows Star Wars is a big enough cash cow that they have to treat it properly, so I’d imagine they’re going to hire a creative director to oversee the many movies that’ll be in various stages of production at once, thus (hopefully) keeping the entire franchise feeling like a cohesive whole. Heck, Marvel does it, so Disney can, too. And Disney trying to make a ton of money off the new Star Wars movies doesn’t mean they’re going to be bad. Every studio, including (especially?) Disney, makes movies to turn a profit, and there are still plenty of good movies getting made.

I have absolutely no reason to be looking around for a paper bag I can breathe into. And yet… and yet.

Still, the plus side: One movie a year means more movies total, potentially, which means a greater chance that Rogue Squadron might show up in one of them. Let me dream!

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