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Super Smash Bros. Reveals a New Fighter Live Today at 10AM ET [Updated With Replay]

Warning! Challenger approaching.

[UPDATE] Spoilers if you didn’t watch the video yet! Here we go: Smash Bros added two new Fire Emblem characters this morning. Lucina and Robin from Awakening are both joining the roster. At first, I was a little disappointed to see the video have a “Lucina needs to be saved by Robin” storyline, but Robin can be both genders with the same animations through costume swaps despite what Assassin’s Creed developers might say, so there’s a bright side to it.

And hey! Is that one of Marth’s idle animations from Brawl that I see on Lucina? That’s a pretty awesome nod to their connection in Fire Emblem. (Also, pretty much RIP Roy, our boy.)


Up until now, new fighters for the new Smash Bros. games have been revealed as part of Nintendo Directs or other special events, but today they’ve got a live broadcast set up on the Smash Bros. site for a character announcement that they’re hyping up as an event in itself. The video starts at 10AM ET, and it’s anyone’s guess who the new fighter could be, though the Internet has some ideas.

One of the developers of Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii retweeted Nintendo’s tweet about the live announcement, which has led to speculation that the new character will be Shulk, the main character of Xenoblade.

Personally, I’m still pulling for Ridley from Metroid, but even if he does make it into the game, I’m sure Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai is going to make us wait until the game’s release to find out. He does so love torturing us.

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