Rudy Giuliani cringes while listening to a masked poll worker give testimony in Michigan.

Rudy Giuliani Is (Allegedly) Somehow Even More Despicable Than We Knew

**Content warning: sexual harassment and abuse**

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A 70-page lawsuit that was filed against Rudi Giuliani on Monday contains enough serious allegations that the former New York City Mayor and unskilled Trump henchman will likely be facing stacks on stacks on stacks of charges. And with this kind of hard evidence against him, there’s little doubt that Guliani is even grosser than we previously thought.

Noelle Dunphy, Giuliani’s Director of Development from 2019 to 2021, filed the suit, which accuses her former boss of severe, frequent, and well-document sexual harassment and assault. In the suit, Dunphy alleges that her former boss constantly demanded demeaning sexual favors as a requirement of her employment and didn’t pay out her promised salary by several hundred thousand dollars. In addition to being downright vile, these are very serious crimes it looks like the ex-mayor could have committed. Rape? Workplace sexual harassment? Wage theft? These are not light offenses.

“He made clear that satisfying his sexual demands—which came virtually anytime, anywhere—was an absolute requirement of her employment and of his legal representation,” the suit reads. “Giuliani began requiring Ms. Dunphy to work at his home and out of hotel rooms, so that she would be at his beck and call. He drank morning, noon, and night, and was frequently intoxicated, and therefore his behavior was always unpredictable.”

There are so many gross details. Claims of forcing her to watch BDSM, “often” demanding that she “work naked, in a bikini, or in short shorts with an American flag on them that he bought for her,” and demanding oral sex while he takes work calls so he can “feel like Bill Clinton.” It’s just the worst, ok. And, obviously, Giuliani, like any rich white male relic of the 20th century, thinks he can just muscle his way out of these allegations. “He vehemently denies the allegations and plans to aggressively defend against these accusations,” a representative for Giuliani said Monday, claiming, “this is not really a lawsuit, this is harassment and extortion.” 

But Dunphy, it turns out, has thousands and thousands of texts and email evidence and [pause for effect] recorded conversations. Over and over throughout the suit, wherever there is a shocking crime alleged, the accusation is followed up by text or email evidence or the phrase “this conversation was recorded.” And bam! It will be very interesting to see if any of those tapes are ever released to the public because while we really don’t want to have to sit and listen to Giuliani’s vileness, we also can’t wait to see him try to wiggle off those hooks.

What is an additional particularly sharp and damaging hook he will have to try to escape? Within the suit, Giuliani reportedly told Dunphy that he and former President Trump had been selling Presidential pardons for $2 million each, which they would split. And she says she has evidence. Aaaand that’s how you stick it to your former boss/abuser. 

(via The Daily Beast, featured image: Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

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