We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Broadcast to Bring You: Robots

Ah, robots. Robots, robots, robots, robots, robots, robots, robots… the questions abound! What are robots like? What do robots want? Perhaps the thorniest problem facing any young human is finding a robot in the first place. This one was found on a street corner and seemed to be down on his luck. Maybe he could get a job in Hollywood?

He could certainly do better than this miscreant, the turnstyle dodging jerk:

And now that I’ve seen one robot doing it I can only assume that it was how all these guys got there too. Where are the robot transit police, I ask you?

Here’s an honorable soul, getting himself around on only the power of his own giant battery.

Oh, and now this guy’s hailing a cab.

I guess he had places to be after all. Welp, see you later, robot.