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Bubbline Shippers Rejoice: Adventure Time‘s Marceline & Princess Bubblegum Confirmed To Have Dated

"You... kept the shirt I gave you?"


This past Thursday, Marceline voice actress Olivia Olson joined writer Martin Olson at a Barnes & Nobles signing for his new book, The Adventure Time Encylopaedia. During the panel, Olson at one point answers a fan question by saying, “You know [Bubblegum and Marceline] dated, right?” It’s canon, guys! Bubbline is canon!

Sadly, Olson goes on to say that, because Adventure Time airs in countries where same-sex relationships are controversial (or even illegal), they’re not able to put any sort of confirmation into the actual TV show. Blergh. Still, you can see that awesome minute of the panel right here:

Weirdly (and confusingly?), Olson did tweet what seemed to be a redaction later on that day:


But, she’s since deleted the tweet, and no one has made any moves to further deny her original statement, so… canon!

(via YouTube, photo via Darryl Pamplin)

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