Pat Sajak Has a Message for Climate Change “Alarmists,” So We’ve Got a Message for Him

Pat Sajak decided to weigh in on the climate change debate with some classic, old man “get off my lawn”-ery on Twitter, so we’ve got a puzzle we think he’ll be able to solve. We’ve also got some fabulous prizes—like not caring what he thinks about facts.

Here’s what Sajak had to say on Twitter:

I don’t know what it is about America that makes me unpatriotic for being concerned for the welfare of the world, but he’s entitled to his opinion, I guess. He also added:

Sure, both sides of this argument get a little hyperbolic and crack jokes during weather events, so maybe we should all knock it off. That doesn’t make any of us racist or un-American, though, so maybe Sajak should hold off on the hyperbole a little himself.

Or, he could behave like a real mature adult and spell out cryptic, strongly worded messages to us on the Internet.

(via Washington Post, image via Wheel of Fortune and our own modifications)

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