comScore Netflix’s The Irregulars Has Found a Badass in Bea

Netflix’s The Irregulars Has Found a Badass in Bea

Thaddea Graham is the heart of this show.

Netflix’s The Irregulars is chock-full of amazing and interesting characters that (as cheesy as this sounds) keep you glued to your seat throughout the entire first season. But the one character who shines brighter than the rest is Bea, played by Thaddea Graham. This young woman breathes life into the show and makes it what it is.

And how does Bea do it all? How does she inspire, shine, and change the lives of those around her? Well, by being herself, being a great sister, and being a faithful friend, to name a few. And that’s one of the main reasons why you should check out Netflix’s The Irregulars: for Bea, for what she stands for, and for all the badassery she brings to the screen.

First and foremost, Bea is a badass because she knows her value. That makes it so she doesn’t need anyone’s approval to act, look, or be the kind of person she is now. She just is. Knowing her value also makes it so she looks inward when she’s looking for strength in the wild storm that is her life. And that is invaluable as she unravels the mystery that is The Irregulars.

Bea is also badass because she stands up for herself. Doesn’t matter if you work for the Queen of England or if you’re one half of the most renowned pair of problem solvers in history, Bea bows to no one. She keeps her head up high, tells it how it is, and makes those that look down upon her feel foolish when she pushes back and doesn’t just take it.

There would be no Bea being a badass if not for her being an amazing sister. Correction, she’s an astounding sister. She’s gone to the ends of the Earth for Jessie and has challenged what she believes in as a means of helping her loved one. And when push comes to shove, when things get hard, that bond between them shows them the way back to each other’s arms.

Also, Bea is a badass because she’s a faithful friend. No matter what’s happening or what comes their way, Bea is there to lift up her friends and help them save the day from a rift that could destroy humanity or a possessed wife. Most importantly, she understands that friends who are found family deserve the same respect and love as those that are family by blood.

And finally, Bea is a badass because, in the midst of everything happening to her and her friends, she found love. Some might not think that is badass, but I do. It takes a great amount of strength to push back against the pain of your life and not close off from the world. Leo was that opportunity to love and be cherished by someone who cared for her deeply, and I’m proud of Bea for that.

I’m proud of everything that Bea has done on The Irregulars, and hope those who are reading will give her a chance just as I did.

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