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Men Love the Roman Empire and Women Love This One Specific Moment From Stevie Nicks?

Everyone loves the Roman Empire but you know...the internet loves to gender things for some reason.

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 10: Stevie Nicks performs onstage at SoFi Stadium on March 10, 2023 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Billy Joel & Stevie Nicks)

In the weird gendered wars of TikTok, we’ve come to one new phenomenon: Men think about the Roman Empire a lot. Girls have started to film their boyfriends when they ask how often they think about the Roman Empire, and a lot of them have said they think about the Romans at least 3 times a day, some a few times a week, some just once a month. Point is: more often than you think. For some reason, men are the only ones being asked this (despite women also being interested in the Roman Empire), and it has started a weird new trend.

Sure, men love the Roman Empire. They aren’t special, but they do think about it a lot. Most men thinking about it daily is a bit concerning because why don’t you think about anything else? But the trend was so aggressive that every new video that came out brought with it an answer more shocking than the last, men constantly just sharing their knowledge of the Romans and what they bought to us. Happy for my people, the Italians. Go us.


This trend is incredible. Some of the best ones #romanempire #romanempirecompilation

♬ original sound – ambarrai

The guy who brings out a notes app response to all of the Romans and his opinions is truly in so deep that I hope he’s okay. Now, it has gotten to a new level.

The trend has now switched to something I personally love very much: It has become what is the female equivalent. Again, I don’t know why this topic is gendered so much, because it’s just a question that can be divided into fans of something and those who aren’t, but whatever. When asked what women think about daily, one TikTok user called me out quicker than I thought possible by posting a video from the 1997 live album The Dance by Fleetwood Mac.

You’ll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you

Let me explain: Earlier that day, I had been explaining to my mother how Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were together and they broke up, which prompted the creation of the album Rumours and was the inspiration behind the book and show Daisy Jones & the Six.

I told her how my favorite song from Fleetwood Mac is “Silver Springs.” The song was left off the album Rumours, which was frankly ridiculous because Buckingham had multiple songs about Nicks make the final album, but Nicks’ song about him didn’t make the cut (and hers was the best song written and the best Fleetwood Mac song to date). I think about this clip especially, and this song, daily. So yes, this is something that I, as a woman, constantly think about because I can’t stop the love that I have for Stevie Nicks and the band Fleetwood Mac.

While I might not like the gendered nature of this argument, I do agree that I am someone who thinks about Stevie Nicks singing at Lindsey Buckingham “Time cast a spell on you, but you won’t forget me” daily.

(featured image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Billy Joel & Stevie Nicks)

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