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[VIDEO] Exclusive: Melissa Benoist Shares Her Hopes for Kara in Supergirl Season 2

Melissa Benoist sat down with DC All Access recently to talk about the ways she hopes to see Kara grow as a woman in Supergirl Season 2—including more opportunities for her to develop her independence and punching skills. Here’s a transcription:

DC All Access: What would you like to see Kara do or develop in Season 2?

Melissa Benoist: Well I think what we’ve discovered a lot in Season 1, her arc has really been coming into her own as a hero, and really facing her fears and insecurities, and learning about her history and what that means about who she is, next season I really want to keep seeing her grow as a woman. Not necessarily in relationships or romance, but really just her independence and…obviously I want to see her kick some butt. Cool villains.

DC All Access: Yeah, you just want to punch more people in the face! I get it!

Melissa Benoist: Yeah, more punching! Let’s do that!

You can watch the rest of Benoist’s interview with DC All Access below:

What are your hopes for Supergirl Season 2? I love that Benoist points out that Kara growing as a woman doesn’t necessarily need to involve romantic relationships. Romantic relationships can help you grow, but it’s also novel and exciting to see a single lady on TV kicking villain butt!

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