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Every New Detail That Comes Out About Lauren Boebert’s ‘Beetlejuice’ Debacle Makes Her Look So Much Worse

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 13: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) arrives to a Republican caucus meeting at the U.S. Capitol Building on September 13, 2023 in Washington, DC. Congressional Republicans met for the first time since their return from August Recess with several items to discuss including U.S. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy's announcement of the start of an impeachment inquiry against U.S. President Joe Biden and government funding legislation. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Lauren Boebert recently revealed she has no idea how to behave in public—a fact she put on full display during a production of Beetlejuice the Musical in Colorado. We knew Boebert’s behavior at the musical was atrocious but it turns out it was so much worse than we thought.

I never believed that Boebert didn’t do the things she was accused of, despite her claiming otherwise. For example, Boebert insisted she wasn’t vaping in the theater as described. Unfortunately for her, there is video evidence.

You’re not allowed to just vape wherever you want, especially in a theater. Boebert claimed she did not do so but that’s clearly her in the video and she is very obviously vaping throughout the performance.

If you watch that video, the woman behind Boebert is visibly pregnant. According to The Denver Post, when that woman “asked Boebert to stop vaping, the congresswoman simply said ‘no.'”

So Boebert, Miss “Pro-Life” and protect-the-kids-at-all-costs, doesn’t actually care about the well-being of a pregnant woman and her child. Shocking.

In addition to the vaping, Boebert gave plenty of other examples of how not to act at the theatre, including taking photos—seemingly selfies—during the show with the flash on.

Lauren Boebert is a liar.

When the news broke about Boebert being kicked out of the show, she obviously went around saying that she didn’t do the things she was accused of. There would have been a “he said, she said” back and forth about it and then it would have gone away by the next news cycle had the video not existed. What this video proves is that she lied. Straight up. Boebert, at the time, said she didn’t vape. Well, we see her vaping. So unless she’s Puff the Magic Dragon and she has to release a cloud of smoke in order to make it through the day, it looks as if she was vaping in a theater. Where there are signs that say no smoking.

The reality is that Boebert is the kind of person who doesn’t care about anyone else but herself and she was caught. The damage control her team did backfired this time when the video came out. So the next time you want to go and see a show, Lauren, don’t vape and dance and carry on like a weirdo when you could just sit and relax and enjoy the show. Or else the cameras will catch you in your lie.

(featured image: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

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