Lauren Boebert stands among other Republicans during a news conference.

Biden Said He Wanted To Combat Hate & Antisemitism and Lauren Boebert Took That Personally

Conservatives just keep saying the quiet part out loud.

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Just in recent weeks, we’ve had Ron DeSantis shooting his political aspirations in the foot by admitting he deliberately violated Disney’s First Amendment rights in his own memoir, then there was Lord Voldemort’s twin brother Rick Scott threatening violence against any Biden Administration supporter who steps into Florida’s borders. Now Lauren Boebert has come out with the self-own to end all self-owns after deciding to take a stand against Biden’s promise to combat “hate and antisemitism.”

In a videotaped address, President Biden announced that his administration would be working to combat the rising tide of anti-Jewish sentiment in America. The fact that antisemitism is on the rise in this country is baffling enough, considering that the foundations of modern American society were raised by a generation of Nazi-punchers. Yet here we are.

But Colorado’s most embarrassing export Lauren Boebert appeared to take umbrage at Biden’s promise, saying that the Biden administration’s efforts to combat anti-Semitism are actually a dog-whistle to “go after conservatives.”

So … Lauren … you’re saying that conservatives are inherently antisemitic?

Because that sure as hell is what it SOUNDS like you’re saying. It really SOUNDS like you’re saying that any effort to combat antisemitism in America is an effort to combat conservatism in America, as if they are one in the same. Are you SURE that’s really what you want to be saying? On Twitter? Where everyone can retweet it, dunk on you, and laugh at your terrifyingly idiotic self-own? Or is that the point? Is the point of your statement to stoke the fires of antisemitism in your base? Are you actually saying this to stir up white supremacist neo-Nazi rage because you know that they comprise an integral part of Republican voters? And you want to admit that? Really? I mean, you wouldn’t be the first Republican to put your whole-ass foot in your mouth like this. After all, many of your colleagues use the same “they’re coming for you” tactics to stir up evangelical bigotry against trans people. We get it, this is Republican politics in a nutshell: Drum up fear in your supporters so they’ll vote for you.

But do you really want the neo-Nazi vote that bad?

Lauren, I think you need to get your priorities straight. If you suddenly find yourself railing against efforts to combat antisemitism on the bird-app in an effort to invigorate America’s most vicious hate groups, you went wrong somewhere. Your ancestors must be ashamed. Unless it runs in the family, of course?

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