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An Honest-to-Goodness King Joffrey Statue Has Appeared In New Zealand. Want To Help Smash It To Bits?

We got an email at The Mary Sue yesterday which shook me to the core. In an Auckland square resides this…travesty to all that is holy – a King Joffrey statue. But there’s good news! This statue is meant for Kingslayers. Read on for details.

According to the email:

As the statue gains attention in real life and online, a large, medieval winch will be attached to the statue, with a rope around Joffrey’s neck, along with the appearance of the hashtag #bringdowntheking. From there, fans who’ve had enough of Joffrey’s nonsense can use the tag #bringdowntheking, and with each use of it, the rope will pull tighter around Joffrey’s head. All interested parties should head to to see live webcams of all the action, see and send their own messages, as well as stay abreast of all the latest news and developments.


Don’t get too scared though, it’s all part of a Game of Thrones Season 4 promotion by SKY TV New Zealand. So, you know, get hashtagging!

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