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Mysterious Iron Man 3 Poster Drops Some Major Plot Hints



I don’t really feel like getting yelled at for not providing adequate spoilers warnings, so I’ve cropped this stop pic down to eliminate any hinty stuff, and I’ll just say this above the jump: we’d already seen a lot of indications that Iron Man 3 would be borrowing elements of Warren EllisExtremis story arc in Iron Man comics. This poster contains another big indication.

Now, seeing as how this is already, to all appearances, on a poster, I think it’d be a fair bet to say that we’ll also be getting some hint of it in a trailer or TV spot before the movie actually hits in three months. So your milage on whether or not this constitutes spoilers will vary. Spoilers (or not spoilers) commence now.

The poster itself was originally posted on the Tumblog When You Were Here Before, by a brave Tumblerer who snapped a picture of it in their local theater, but has quickly caught the attention of the rest of the internet:


And now you can see what I cropped out above: no less than seven functional Iron Man suits in a single scene (yeah there are seven, the two in the middle are a little tricky to find because of the glare). Iron Man 3 is already confirmed two include two characters from Extremis, Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen, played by Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall, respectively. The main plot of the story in comics involves a nanotechnological virus giving Tony the ability to telepathically control an “army” of his Iron Man suits, dubbed the Iron Legion, as well as the ability to exude his current Iron Man suit directly from his newly nanotech-enhanced body. The picture of the poster isn’t quite big enough, unfortunately, to identify the suits in the background as being versions we’ve seen in earlier Iron Man appearances or new suits from Iron Man 3.

There’s plenty of circumstantial evidence to support an increase in the number of new suits appearing in Iron Man 3, however. From leaked concept art and merchandise of Hulkbuster and Deep Space armor, to indications that we’ll finally see Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts suit up.

Start your speculation engines, not to mention the countdown to the official release of this poster, when we can all see it in glorious high-res.

Update: And here it is, in glorious high-res via Collider. Click to embiggen.

(via Screen Rant.)

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