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INTERVIEW: Kurt Wimmer And Kate Moyer Talk Bringing the Fear of ‘Children of the Corn’ to a New Generation

The new cast of the Children of the Corn

There are many people in this world who hate cornfields for real reasons but, for a great many of us, it is because of the story The Children of the Corn. When in doubt, you’d drive by cornfields and just know that bad things were going to happen if you decided to take a dive into them. And now, director and writer Kurt Wimmer is bringing the story to us once more but this time with a climate twist that makes it more topical than ever before.

In preparation for the film’s release, I got to speak to both Wimmer and his Eden Edwards (Kate Moyer) about the story and bringing that feat to an entirely new generation. So I asked them both what it felt like knowing that a whole new group of kids were going to be afraid of cornfields after seeing the new movie.

For Kate Moyer, she’s excited about it. “Oh, I think it’s pretty cool because, you know, I know that Children of the Corn has had like, there’s like 11 films now, so I feel like it’s pretty exciting for Kurt’s new adaptation on it, and I’m excited for people to be able to see it.”

But Kurt Wimmer pointed out that it isn’t his movie or this story that makes people afraid of cornfields. They’re just creepy in general. “It doesn’t take our film to make people scared of cornfields. Cornfields are just scary. They just are. There’s no Disney film that will ever be set in a cornfield, I promise you.”

And Wimmer is right. No matter what, that fear would be there. But knowing that the children could be watching? Just makes it that much more terrifying.

You can see our full interview here:

Children of the Corn is in theaters now and is a fun revisiting of the story we know and love from Stephen King.

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