Internet Justice League Says as Much About Justice League as it Does About Internet

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Now, now, I’m sure HuffPo is a lot of people’s favorite. And the idea of a very serious Wondy facing off against an adorable Lolspeaking Cheetah amuses me. How did the rest of the Internet JLA wind up?

Turns out Yahoo is Bizarro Google.

Tumblr would probably not mind being personified by the pre-52 Harley Quinn. Everybody has that one fandom they’ll never leave no matter how badly it treats them.

As always, I applaud the diversifying choice of John Stewart as the featured Green Lantern of Earth, even in this silly context.

And, yes, Reddit is the one with the arrows.

And finally, a dig at Aquaman.

Wouldn’t be a fake Justice League without a dig at Aquaman.

(College Humor via Neatorama.)

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