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Ladies And Gentlemen: Our Hunger Games Contest!


You’ve read Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games, correct? Well, ok, we know not everyone has read it but a lot of people have. Whichever side you fall on, we’ve got a contest for you. Here’s your chance to win two Hunger Games-related items we know you’ll love. UPDATED: Now five of you can also win Hunger Games posters provided by Lionsgate!

The film adaptation of Collin’s book is hitting theaters this week and needless to say, we’re bouncing with anticipation. We have a feeling a lot of you are as well so to fan the flames just a bit, how about a contest?

First up, we’ve got a copy of The Girl Who Was on Fire – Movie Edition to give away from Smart Pop Books. The book is an anthology written by 16 young adult authors: Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Mary Borsellino, Sarah Rees Brennan, Terri Clark, Bree Despain, Brent Hartinger, Adrienne Kress, Sarah Darer Littman, Cara Lockwood, Jackson Pearce, Diana Peterfruend, Elizabeth M. Rees, Carrie Ryan, Ned Vizzini, Lili Wilkinson, Blythe Woolston. It covers all three books in the series and according to the description, takes “you back to Panem with moving, dark, and funny pieces on Katniss, the Games, Gale and Peeta, reality TV, survival, and more.” Such as:

  • How does the way the Games affect the brain explain Haymitch’s drinking, Annie’s distraction, and Wiress’ speech problems?
  • What does the rebellion have in common with the War on Terror?
  • Why isn’t the answer to “Peeta or Gale?” as interesting as the question itself?
  • What should Panem have learned from the fates of other hedonistic societies throughout history—and what can we?

Susana’s read a few of the essays and found them super interesting! Find out more on the publisher’s website.

But wait! We’re not done yet! We’ve also got The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook: From Lamb Stew to “Groosling” from Adams Media for you as well. Written by Emily Ansara Baines, the cookbook features over 150 recipes inspired by the series. “When it comes to The Hunger Games, staying alive means finding food any way possible,” writes the description. “Katniss and Gale hunt live game, Peeta’s family survives on the bread they make, and the inhabitants of the Seam work twelve-hour days for a few handfuls of grain–all while the residents of the Capitol gorge themselves on delicacies and desserts to the heart’s desire.”

Here’s just a sampling of the recipes included:

  • French Bread from the Mellark Family Bakery
  • Katniss’s Favorite Lamb Stew with Dried Plums
  • Rue’s Roasted Parsnips
  • Gale’s Bone-Pickin’ Big Game Soup
  • Capitol-Grade Dark Chocolate Cake

More info on the publisher’s website.

NEW: Lionsgate, producer of The Hunger Games, has now also given us a set of three posters that can be won by our grand prize winner and four runners up. Here’s a look at them:

Now here’s how to win:

  • This contest is taking place solely on, specifically the page you’re on right now.
  • To enter, leave a comment briefly describing how you would die if you were in the actual Hunger Games. Yes, let’s face it, the odds are against you and you probably aren’t going to be the winner so let us know what would happen to you. Would you go out in a blaze of glory? Die ironically? Make a political statement as you went out? Or perhaps you’d trip on a root and crack your head on a rock ten seconds after the games began. Whatever happens, be creative! But please keep it to 1-4 sentences or so.
  • NEW: The Mary Sue Staff will pick five winners: One grand prize winner will receive both The Girl Who Was on Fire – Movie Edition and The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook: From Lamb Stew to “Groosling”, plus all three posters. Two runners up will each receive a copy of The Girl Who Was on Fire – Movie Edition as well as two of the posters, the arena and the Katniss character poster (the first two pictured above). Two more runners up will each receive the same two posters.
  • Each individual may only enter once. You have until Thursday, March 22 at 11:59 PM EST to submit your entry. No submissions will be accepted after that.
  • Winners must reside in the Unites States (sorry!).

Do we even have to say it? May the odds be ever in your favor…

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