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How You Can Get On Jeopardy!


Tina Nguyen of our sister site The Braisier achieved nerdvana last night when she appeared on Jeopardy! and was able to show off her smarts and bask in the presence of Alex Trebek. Here she explains how you can achieve the same. "Oh my god!" people gush whenever they learn that I'm appearing on Jeopardy!. "Are you super smart? Are you like some sort of braniac? Did you tell Alex Trebek to suck it?" Ideally, the answer would be "Yes, yes, and absolutely." In reality, the answers are "Sort of, Jeopardy! requires more computer-esque skills, and if I had actually pretended to be Darrell Hammond pretending to be Sean Connery, Trebek would probably punch me." What I don't tell them—and what I will reveal to you now—is that it took me four attempts to get on the show. Yes. Four. This is how I got onto the greatest game show on television, and this is how you can, too.

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