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10 Best Romances in Non-Romance Movies and TV

Here are ten of our favorite romances, in non-romance movies and television!

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Falling in Love With Ourselves: Blending Romance and Coming-of-Age Narratives in Gay YA Fiction

Learning who you are or who you want to be when you’re on your own is intense enough. Learning who you are while also learning who you want to be when in a relationship? Ten times more intense!

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Celebrating the Villain Origin Story in Out of Nowhere

I’ve always loved an origin story. Show me the catalyst for Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Batman, or where Domino’s powers come from. Create spinoff series starring the quirky best friend or the mysterious sidekick and I’m totally there. Both serial and recursive, comics are the perfect medium for telling multi-strand, multi-character stories at multiple points in time. My all-time favorite origin story, though? The villain’s.

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