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Pixelthreads: Final Fantasy XV‘s Fashion is Deceptively Simple

Final Fantasy XV's clothing may only have one color, but its fashion is far from basic.

Final Fantasy XV continues a strong tradition of fashion, and it makes full use of the graphical capabilities at our disposal in a way that most big games don't bother with.

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Pixelthreads: How Inconsistent, Sexist Fashion Hurts Worldbuilding in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The dreaded malady "Hot Boob Disease" claims another victim.

I recently finished up the sprawling fantasy RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and what struck me most about the game is how odd its clothing is. It's a perfect example of why fashion is so important when trying to create a believable fictional world.

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Lipstick, Feelings, and Vulnerability in Marvel’s Agent Carter

At this point, Agent Peggy Carter and her lipstick are practically iconic. When the first season aired on ABC last year, about half of my friends rushed out to buy her signature shade, Besame Red Velvet. In season two, Peggy's makeup is practically a barometer on how she's feeling, with a host of new shades that make our favorite agent's lips a veritable mood ring.

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Pixelthreads: 7 Fall/Winter 2016 Runway Looks & the Video Games They Belong In

Fashion month is (still) in full swing, this time forecasting what the trends will be this fall and winter. The relaxed look is in in a big way, and the runway is full of looks that are the opposite of body con, with lots of wide-legged pants and voluminous coats to keep us warm. Fur (faux or real) also seems to be a big trend, and the bigger the fur accent, the better. Flat shoes are still on trend on the runways, though for fall, of course, they're mostly knee-high boots.

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On Story Games and Narrative With Jean Leggett of One More Story Games

Indie game studio One More Story Games is dedicated to bringing us high quality, narrative-focused games. With their game engine, Story Stylus, anyone can write a game and share it. The company takes more of a book publishing approach to writing games, where it's possible for anyone to use their engine and publish a game with it. Their games right now are primarily sci-fi and mystery, but the company hopes to expand their offerings to any genre writers can think of.

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Pixelthreads: What’s the Deal With Final Fantasy and Louis Vuitton?

I was in for a bit of a shock when I opened my February 2016 issue of Elle magazine this month. I flipped through the first few pages, which are always ads, right to a picture of a familiar face: stoic, pink haired, hand shot out decisively with small black clutch hanging off her fingertips. She was wearing a candy pink biker jacket, but this was no ordinary model.

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Pixelthreads: Why Are Japanese Games so Fashionable?

With a few exceptions, most of the games I have covered in this column have been made in Western countries. This hasn’t been intentional, nor does it really speak to my own gaming habits. In fact, most of the new titles I played this year were by Nintendo, and fashion played a pretty big part in this. Japanese-made games do tend to have a certain stylishness that Western games often lack.

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It’s 2015. Why Can’t Supergirl Wear a Skirt?

If you’re like me and the rest of The Mary Sue crew, you’re really enjoying CBS’ Supergirl. Finally, TV networks have figured out what women want, and it’s superheroes who like to hit things and save the world while also talking about the patriarchy. Who knew, right? (I’m joking; everyone knew.) But of course, no hit show is without its think pieces, and I’ve seen a lot talking about Supergirl’s costume— specifically, the skirt.

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Pixelthreads: Fashion and Futurism, a Look at Sci-Fi Game Fashion

I’ve had the future on my mind a lot these days, and not just in terms of what it will bring to me personally. Because I’m me, I think about what we might be wearing in the near and far future, what technological developments will happen, what trends we’ll latch onto. What trends hypothetical aliens would love? This is in part because I’ve been playing a lot of sci-fi games lately, although I probably would anyway because I’m weird like that.

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Pixelthreads: Metal Gear Sold V’s Quiet & Parody, Sexiness, and Objectification

The reasons for Metal Gear Solid V’s Quiet, the game’s silent female sniper, have probably been one of game's biggest fashion mysteries. Her look caused a bit of an uproar when her character was finally revealed in all her bikini top glory, largely due to the fact that this is a female character that cannot talk and is also heavily sexualized.

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Pixelthreads: Final Fantasy X-2 Brings Mechanics and Meaning to Fashion

A look at FFX-2’s dressphere system and why it might be one of the best uses of fashion in a video game.

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Pixelthreads: Reclaiming the Dress-Up Game

4 games that explore the potential of the dress-up game.

There are lots of indie game makers, artists, and developers out there exploring what can be done with the dress-up game. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Pixelthreads: The Digital Wardrobes of E3’s New Games

This year’s E3 has just passed, and that means tons of new game trailers, some previously announced, but many others not, were shown. And that also means (for me, anyway), tons more costumes to ogle/side-eye at. Here are some of the games, and their clothes, that caught my eye this year, and exactly what I think about them based on the small glimpses that we get to see in trailers.

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Pixelthreads: Assassin’s Creed: Liberation and Clothing as Stealth and Disguise

A rare game where clothing is a mechanic and not just for aesthetics.

Assassin’s Creed: Liberation is definitely a unique game in the Assassin’s Creed series, not just because it’s the first (and really only) game in the series to feature a woman, a woman of color even, as the main protagonist. Because it’s also the only AC game on the PlayStation Vita, it also means that they played a bit more with the formula, adding some new mechanics that haven’t been in past games in the series. One of them is the use of disguises.

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Pixelthreads: Video Games’ Undies Problem

It's probably not what you think.

Underwear in video games quite often confuses and baffles me, when they bother to acknowledge that women wear it at all. But this piece isn't about whether or not it's sexist to only show women characters in games in their underwear (because I hope the answer is obvious). This piece is about how a male dominated industry often doesn't understand how underwear works.

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Pixelthreads: Dragon Age: Inquisition and the Politics of Dress

Ew, those beige pajamas.

As much as it's a game about ancient evils and holes in the sky and saving the world, Dragon Age: Inquisition is about politics - and in the game of politics, what you wear and when is as important as with whom you choose to ally yourself.

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