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Brighter Directors Ask Nicer: Potter vs Transformers in a Theater Near You

A Lesson in Humility

High-budget actors and actresses once commanded the ultimate shine, but a new star has come to light. Yes, the noble Projectionist has upstaged them all, attracting the attention of two big directors; Michael Bay and David Yates. You might remember that our buddy Michael "We're-all-in-this-together" Bay politely asked projectionists to burn through their bulbs to make Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon explode through our retinas more effectively. Great, no big deal, just a throw thousands of extra dollars into the expense pits of our movie theaters. It was a move that quickly evoked ire and some choice mutterings of "not cool bro" through the interwebs. Can't you just go home already? Is it really necessary to impose on the projectionist your vision of the film? David Yates, director of (1/2) the Harry Potter franchise thought so. But here's where the similarities end.

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Hark! A Meme!: Fanart Gives Us More of “Strong Female Characters”

eye candy

The latest thoroughly enjoyable nugget from Hark, a vagrant: is totally getting around the internet. Better not think of that in a slutty way though, otherwise the "Strong Female Characters" might find you and kick your ass. The bad broads conceived by Kate Beaton, Carly Monardo and Meredith Gran are part camp, part commentary, and they're on the way to tiny meme-status. The hashtag #strongfemales has some serious leg, not to mention a brand new fan-art tumblr, managed by Monardo herself. Follow the jump for some image-rich, curve intensive fan art.

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5 More Beauty Queens Who Also Love Science

The blogosphere let out a collective water-spit when the new Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella called herself... a science geek. This, this, is death of geek as we know it! Because girls only say they're geeks to get attention, especially, especially if they're pretty.

I knew Geek Culture had taken over, but I had no idea that it had gotten so bad. Now Miss USA wants geek cred?
Maybe she doesn't want geek cred, but she can-haz it if she wants, and she's not the only one. Beautiful genuine geeks and serious science sirens not only exist, you can follow the jump for five more Miss USA contestants from the past two years, alone who've got some serious intellectual cred.

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Forbidden Love: I Read a Teen-Age Romance!


#le gasp! Once upon a time, the competition tugging on Superman’s cape was a girl. Actually, a whole lot of them. Back in 1949, nearly one out of every five comics published was a romance. By early 1950, publishers were averaging two new romance issues a day. Today, America’s lost that lovin’ feeling-- collectors don’t much care for romance comics, they raise serious feminist concerns, and maybe you’ve never read one. But romance comics left behind a surprising legacy more epic than all those sleepless nights and tear-stained pillows. Check the jump for 5 reasons to reconsider romance.

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The Wonder Woman Pilot Has Not Been Picked Up For A Series

Great Hera!

Wonder Woman, we hardly knew ye. Oh wait -- yes we did. That’s why we’re not too sad that Entertainment Weekly has reported that NBC passed on the revamped Wonder Woman. Is this a jab at all the women-in-something-arms across the nation? Well, we've decided not to take it that way. So why did they pass?

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