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Wynonna Earp Breaks All the Rules of Genre Television for the Better

Wynonna Earp feels like a show that could do anything because it’s already shown a willingness to blaze its own path, to look at what we expect from stories like this in a new way.

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Missy Proves Doctor Who Can Handle a Woman as the Doctor

Over the fifty-three years of Doctor Who’,t twelve people have officially played the Doctor, a time-traveling alien with the ability to regenerate into a new body. Every single one of them has been a man, but, technically, that’s not a requirement. The show’s never been incredibly clear about how it works in-universe, but it’s generally accepted that the process allows Time Lords to regenerate as a different sex.

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American Gods’ Laura Moon is Awful–And That’s a Good Thing

The thing that makes Laura’s story really something special? The series doesn’t apologize for her awfulness. In many ways, she is fascinating because she is allowed to be terrible.

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Caitlin Deserves Better: The Flash Needs to Embrace Her Inner Killer Frost

Caitlin's embrace of her Killer Frost alter ego really is a hero's journey worth exploring.

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The Most Important Thing That The CW’s Reign Got Right: Its Women

As the series prepares to wrap up its four-year run this June, it’s time to acknowledge the one, super important thing that Reign did right, something that it really doesn’t get enough credit for: It was always committed to writing great women.

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Hulu’s Risky, Feminist Harlots Should Be Your Next Period Drama Obsession

While period dramas are aimed primarily at women, very few of them tell explicitly female stories, but perhaps no series has openly embraced the idea of a feminist period drama so thoroughly as Hulu’s latest original offering, Harlots.

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