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The Modern Kassandras & Why We’re Doomed to Repeat History

Listen to women.

Anyone who questions their sources and looks beyond the mainstream right-leaning media will have come across some very smart women who have been speaking truth to power since forever. Throughout history, there have been women helping men from the shadows, pretending to be men to get ahead, or simply doing whatever that century’s version of screaming into the void was.

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We Need Man Control as Much as Gun Control to Stop Mass Shootings

There’s one correlation in mass shootings that most commentators still seem reluctant to address: toxic masculinity.

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Women Rule: The Power’s Female-led Society as a Counterpoint to The Handmaid’s Tale

A world wherein women hold all the cards is much harder to imagine than The Handmaid's Tale's dystopia, yet that's what Naomi Alderman has tackled in The Power.

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