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The Mary Sue Interview: Jane Friedhoff & Jenny Jiao Hsia on Their Bad-Ass Ladies Game, Slam City Oracles

"Feeling like a bad ass is the side dish, and fucking shit up is the main course."

Slam City Oracles is “a lover letter to other women in games.” To those women who feel out of place because their games challenge the standard, and to women overall who are constantly battling their own fights, this game is for you.

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Ladies Made Some Pretty Rad Games At Microsoft & Code Liberation’s Women’s History Month Game Jam

For the whole weekend on March 28th and 29th, women programmers, artists, musicians, and individuals curious or passionate about game development have stepped up to the challenge to make a game in less than 48 hours at New York City’s Microsoft building.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Nina Freeman On Developing Her New Game, how do you Do it?

I could almost envision myself when I was in middle school, packed in a room full of sweaty adolescents, some are aware and others not so much of their bodies gradually going through physiological and cognitive changes. I call this phase the “body limbo” because we are technically stuck in a transitory biological state as our sexual organs mature, drastically causing our bodies to change from the inside and out.

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Game Dev Erin Robinson Talks About The Making Of Gravity Ghost

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make your own game? Or better yet, can you imagine yourself dedicating hundreds of hours of game development for one game? Erin Robinson, an independent game developer whom we previously spoke with about Gravity Ghost, gives us the low-down in this short documentary about her journey and experience developing the game.

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Review: Gravity Ghost Is A Beautiful, Haunting Experience To Share With Everyone You Know

The 2D paper fox hopping in and out of the frame captures the feeling of excitement and friendship found in the fleeting memories of childhood. Gravity Ghost unveils the awe and confusion that is infused within a young girl’s mind.

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It Took a Dystopian Future Affected By Fungal Virus For Me To Say “I Like Girls Too”

My experience playing The Last of Us is less about surviving through a fungal infection in post-apocalyptic America with Ellie, but more about unraveling an identity I have detached as Ellie guided me back through it. To put it simply, Ellie created an opening for me to explore the basis of what attracted me to girls.

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Review: You’re Invited to the Heart-Stopping Terror Party in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Leave the lights on and make sure that your stuffed animals have their fluffy limbs tied before you play Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2—we don’t want them squiggling around and creeping behind our backs.

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