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The Living Games Conference: A Few Lessons in Larping (Live Action Role Playing)

For those interested in live action role playing (or larp), there’s an exciting event coming up (May 2016; Austin, TX) that you won’t want to miss: the Living Games Conference.

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Kick Monster Butt in CHILL: 3rd Edition, the Perfect RPG for Halloween

CHILL is a classic tabletop role-playing game (TRPG) about horrific happenings, meddling with monsters, and a secret organization on the brink of collapse. Originally published in 1984 by Pacesetter Ltd, the game was fun, but some critics were unimpressed given they thought the game didn’t really push the envelope of the genre.

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Envoy Role Play & Story Gateway: Grand Opening

Getting together roleplaying games can be deceptively difficult. It involves coordinating so many moving parts: people, places, times, and games. Not to mention getting a ‘game master’ to run the game.

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Do You Want to Write a LARP Game? The Golden Cobra Challenge

One of the great things about the independent game design community is the way that intersectionality is perceived as a feature, not a bug.

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Lovecraftesque – A Tabletop Role Playing Game Review

If you’re a fan of Lovecraft, you’ve run into the racism, sexism, and ableism (the latter particularly in regards to mental illness) that pervade his stories. Nevertheless, Lovecraft has a diverse fandom that loves to interact with the mythos in many different ways.

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