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WTF Comics Club, Year One: We Created a Comics Club for Women, and So Can You

All of this is a result of my social anxiety. Actually, all of this is the result of my best friend telling me about her sister’s friends and the women’s comic book club they started.

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Comics 201, Special Edition: A Kids’ Guide to Talking Comics

When I was a kid, I didn’t read comic books. I know, right? It’s crazy.

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Comics 201, Special Edition: For the Super Parent in Training

On Free Comic Book Day this year, I met a family of superheroes: two brothers, their little sister, and their slightly frazzled but very determined mom. Mom had a lot of questions, not just about recommendations for books, but also about where to find things, how to tell what comics were okay for which kids, and how to support her kids' geekery without going broke. Here's a few of the questions she asked and some pointers for other parents who are trying to be good sidekicks for their young her

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How to Offend Everyone and Make Yourself Cry: Writing Diversity in Fanfiction

The strange and wonderful world of fanfiction has only one common creed, resounding across megafandoms and yuletide titles alike: I do what I want.

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Comics 201: Going Rogue; or, A Guide to Comic Book Bad Guys

Find a random person and ask them to name a comic book hero, then ask them to name that hero’s arch nemesis. Even the least geek-savvy of civilians can tell you that Superman always butts heads with Lex Luthor, Batman is forever fighting the Joker, and Spider-Man will deal with one version or another of that pesky Green Goblin.

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Comics 201: The Best Comics You’ve Never Heard Of; Or, Small Press and Self-Published Highlights

Yes, if you were wondering, that is the most hipster title I could think of, because nothing says classic hipster more than talking about underground comics.

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Comics 201: Small, Mighty, and Super Weird; or, A Brief Guide to Indie Comics

The 1980s was a time of great upheaval and change for Western pop culture. MTV was new and relevant, car phones were a thing, Return of the Jedi came out and they never made any more Star Wars films ever at all shut up and let me dream, yours truly was born, and comic books entered their ninth-grade-goth phase.

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Comics 201: Nobody Else Knows Either; Or, Why Comics Continuity Does and Doesn’t Matter

So Asgard is in Oklahoma now. Or it was in Oklahoma, but now it’s on the moon? Who knows what’s going on with those crazy Asgardians.

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Comics 201: My Comics Can Beat Up Your Comics; Or, The Great Publisher Debate

Every subculture has its great rivalries. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Creature effects vs. CGI. Mac vs. PC. That one sports team vs. that other sports team. If you’re tapped into comics culture at all, you know that the great comics rivalry is between Marvel and DC.

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Comics 201: Crisis In Infinite Issues; Or, How To Read A Crossover Event

It’s happened to many of us: You’re reading a comic series, enjoying all the superhero shenanigans, when suddenly: BAM! random issue that has nothing to do with the story and other heroes are showing up and things are happening and what the actual hell?

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Comics 201: What To Know After You Know You Want To Get Into Comics

On Wednesdays we buy comics.

If you’ve ever been in a comic book store, there’s a good chance your first thought as you stepped inside was probably something like, “What the hell is all this stuff?”

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None Of This Is New: An Oral History Of Fanfiction

There’s a card in Cards Against Humanity that says “Harry Potter erotica,” and every time I’ve seen that card played there’s inevitably someone in the group that says, “Wait. Is that a real thing?” To be fair, in a deck that includes things like “German dungeon porn,” it’s a reasonable question, but it always throws me a little bit.

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