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7 Badass Horror Heroines for Halloween

As a horror movie fan, it’s impossible to ignore all the issues in the genre. The treatment of women, the graphic use of sexual assault and torture porn, and the lack of complex female characters are just some of the problems in a lot of horror movies. However, there are also a bunch of badass horror heroines out there. These characters are far more than the usual one-note performances that women are often boxed into.

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Review: Black Mask Studios’ Calexit Is a Must Read Political Dystopia with a Twist of Hope

Black Mask Studios delivers a brilliant piece of political dystopian fiction that carries a tinge of hope: Calexit.

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5 Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now

Here are 5 podcasts providing important, in depth, and sometimes even hilarious stories.

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ModCloth Has Been Sold to Walmart—and Their Customers are Pissed

To say many of ModCloth’s customers are not happy would be putting it lightly.

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The Spirit of Giving: Where to Donate This Holiday Season

Let’s start 2017 off trying to hold each other up and make things just a little bit better for all of us.

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Get Spoopy: 7 Comics to Get You in the Halloween, Er, Spirit

If you’re having trouble embracing the most wonderful time of the year, I’ve got some spooky comics that will help you find your Halloween spirit.

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Review: Kim & Kim #1 is the Summer’s Funnest Comic

Just two badass ladies trying to get by, figure it all out, and maybe start a punk rock bakery on the way.

A cocktail made with two parts Tank Girl, one part Jem and the Holograms, and a splash of Lumberjanes-esque friendship, Kim & Kim from Black Mask Studios may be the funnest comic book of the summer. The story follows Kim D and Kim Q, a pair of planet hopping punk rock bounty hunters. Issue #1 introduces us to the Kims while they're low on cash and decide to go after a huge payout.

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Why Orphan Black May Be the Best Show on Television

Back in 2013, a show about human clones quietly launched on BBC America. Quickly, word of mouth got around about the unique, fast paced, unpredictable world of Orphan Black.

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4 Kids Walk Into a Bank Is the New Comic to Watch

What do you get when you combine 4 tabletop RPG-playing kids, violent criminals, and the secrets parents keep? The answer is 4 Kids Walk into a Bank, the new comic book from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Tyler Boss.

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Why It’s a Great Time to Be a Vinyl Nerd

Billboard recently released their numbers for 2015; streaming stats doubled to no surprise, and CD numbers continued to free fall, but there's one place where physical media has seen a rapid uptick: vinyl. In 2015, vinyl sales saw a 29.8 percent increase and moved 11.9 million units. For the past 10 years, the music industry has been watching a trend of skyrocketing vinyl sales.

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Why It’s Time to Add Paper Girls to Your Pull List

Image Comics describes their new release as “Stand by Me meets War of the Worlds,” and to be honest, it’s a pretty apt description. Throw in one part JJ Abrams’ Super 8, and you’ll start to pick up on the vibe of Vaughan’s latest work.

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The Mary Sue Holiday 2015 Gift Guide, Part 2: Comics!

I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling a little ba-humbug about the holiday shopping season. What’s my solution? This year I’ll be giving the gift of something I love- comic books! Whether you want to introduce someone to the world of comics, or you’re looking for something a regular reader may have missed, we have something for everyone on your shopping list.

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Why Southern Cross’s Alex Braith Is the Ellen Ripley Revival You’ve Been Waiting For

Our heroine is aboard a massive spaceship that feels more like a haunted house than a piece of sci-fi technology. She’s independent and cool-headed. Her character has an agency that shows she isn’t there in service of the male characters, if anything, they end up just being background players for her. She isn’t overtly sexualized, and she isn’t there to please others. She can take on any evil that gets thrown at her. To put it simply, she’s a total BAMF.

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