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What Alien: Covenant Has in Common With Anti-Abortion Legislation

Imagine a room full of androids. Not necessarily megalomaniacs like David, but human-like beings who are safe from facehuggers and alien viruses, making the decisions about preventing xenomorph attacks. Sounds like the horror movie it is, doesn’t it?

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A Few Reasons Why 13 Reasons Why Should Have Dug a Little Deeper Into Some Serious Issues

There have always been so very many reasons why, so many that counting them rather misses the point.

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How Transformers: Lost Light Subverts the Toxic Masculinity Rampant in the Mainstream Transformers Movies

What if I told you that a fantastic place to find a story that explores issues of social mobility, harmful political ideologies, love, loss, friendship, and faith is a run of Transformers comics? And then, when you stopped laughing, what if I told you I was serious?

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Perfect Timing: We Need Grim Art Like The Handmaid’s Tale Now More Than Ever

The genius of The Handmaid’s Tale lies in its examination of the faulty belief that modern America is somehow immune to dangerous unrest.

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Why Criticizing the Things We Love Is More Important Than Ever

If you’re able to admit that your favorite show has a serious problem with gratuitous and poorly executed rape scenes, you’ll be better able to admit that hey, maybe you need to do more than wear a safety pin to help those who are endangered by the incoming Trump administration.

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7 Reasons to Rewatch Buffy on Halloween (And 3 to Keep Your Nostalgia in Check)

Some of us saw Buffy as it aired, some of us found it on Netflix, and though it may seem impossible to the super-fans, some of us have yet to discover the soothing power of Anthony Stewart Head’s voice for the first time.

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The Good Place‘s Women Are So Bad, They’re Great

Eleanor and Tahani are complex women who exist despite pervading cultural ideas that women are either perfect or worthless, and their goodness or badness isn’t pigeonholed into sexist tropes.

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