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Cheryl Tiegs Shares Unfortunate Opinion About Other Women’s Bodies

Sports Illustrated seems to be taking a more body-positive view in regards to their swimsuit issue: the inclusion of Ashley Graham on one 2016 cover variant and the official tie-in with animated TV series Archer – which gives us a fair few images of Pam Poovey ‘flaunting her curves’ – means we the public are seeing a variety of bodies on beaches.

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The Cowardice of Shutting Up: Women Silencing Women

In the run-up to Christmas, a photo circulated on Facebook featuring a white, middle-class family of two girls, one boy, a mom, and a dad posed together in a garden. Mom and daughters had "festive" bright green duct tape over their mouths, their hands and arms bound by Christmas tree lights. Junior raised a thumbs-up to the camera in the proto-bro style of victory he will experience every day of his life as a white American male. Dad smugly held a chalkboard sign that read, "Peace on Earth."

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Enough, Already: Quit Pushing Your Gendered Crap on My Son

I know I am not the only one tired of this. The absurdity of it from a girls’ perspective is increasingly documented, and is becoming more and more obvious.

My son loves Frozen. We watched it twice a day for months. He could sing every word of “Let It Go” before he could speak in full sentences. If he wants to wear a little Frozen gear, however, it’s Olaf, Sven, or Kristof. Despite Elsa being his favourite character, there is no t-shirt for him.

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Outrageous: How the Jem and the Holograms Movie Completely Misses the Point

The trailer for the Jem and the Holograms movie is out there in the world, and the response on social media is pretty damning. Rightfully so. This film presents us little more than yet another anemic tale of Girl Bands Gone Mild and completely misses the point of what made Jem so significant in the first place.

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