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Here’s How Trans Geeks Can Protect Each Other From the “Alt-Right”

It’s a scary time to be trans, and sadly, the geek community is not a safe space.

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Steam-y Censorship: How Christine Love’s Ladykiller in a Bind Exposes Valve’s Erotica Problem

Barring Ladykiller in a Bind from Steam begs the question for Valve: When is explicit material acceptable for a work of art, and when is it too explicit? When is adult content too adult?

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Rethinking Yuri: How Lesbian Mangaka Return the Genre to Its Roots

Yuri can capture queer women's lives, our struggles, and our relationships with other women beyond mere fantasy.

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Directionless on the Road to Independence: How VA-11 Hall-A’s Cyberpunk Dystopia Celebrates Complicated Women

From the nimble and muscular White Knight Sei to the cheery sex worker Dorothy, every female character in VA-11 Hall-A feels three-dimensional. The game is full of women from various walks of life, and Sukeban fleshes each woman out with a dynamic personality that one would hope to experience if, say, the game’s dystopia was real.

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Where’s the Love? How the Gaming Industry Avoids Creating Trans Romance Partners

What does it mean to be a transgender character in video gaming? It’s difficult to say. Most trans characters are outliers, showcased to the player as an anomaly in a cisgender world. Those who do appear tend to inadvertently face scrutiny from bigots—as is the case in BioWare’s inclusion of Krem in Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mizhena’s characterization in Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.

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