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Cowboy Bebop Newbie Recap: “Asteroid Blues”

I think it's time we blow this scene, get everybody and the stuff together.

Be kind to me readers, I am still new to this entire genre, but I’ve been told that to get into anime this is a great place to start.

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Marvel’s Ant-Man Went Out of Its Way to Shrink Hope Van Dyne’s Role and Suffered for It

By now, I’m sure that the majority of my fellow Marvel aficionados have already gone and seen the studio's latest film, Ant-Man. I’m sure many of you walked away similarly to myself: disappointed and a little annoyed, although I’m sure there’s enough people who enjoyed it to balance it out.

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Spaced Newbie Recap, “Leaves”

Spaced is not a show you want to part with. While there are plenty of shows I love and plenty that keep me watching week after week (or episode after episode as is the nature of our binge watching culture), there are few that tell stories about characters I’d actually want to be friends with. I could make friends with the characters of Spaced.

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Spaced Newbie Recap: “Dissolution”

The start of the episode, despite the air of friends having fun at a night out, is interwoven with a sense of doom as Brian sits in his darkroom, developing photographs. The way it’s shot gives it a sense of foreboding, with the way the pictures develop and the way they hang literally drawing lines in between the group.

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Spaced Newbie Recap: “Help”

What this episode of Spaced does so brilliantly is, after spinning it’s characters in opposite directions, it’s able to ravel them all back in by the closing moments in a way that makes sense. Their worlds are becoming more and more intersected with one another, and “Help” proves just that. It’s also an episode that shows progress for each of the characters. I wouldn’t go so far to say that by the episode's end they’ve matured, but they’ve certainly put some effort into moving towards that goal.

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Spaced Newbie Recap: “Mettle”

The group is splintered in “Mettle” until they’re all brought back together in a fun cap, providing one of the few fantastic episodes where the cast isn't all working together. It’s also an instant great for the series, incorporating all of what makes Spaced so much fun in one episode with clever homages, fun pairings, and intelligently-shot humor.

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Spaced Newbie Recap: “Change”

"Well, maybe poverty will inspire you."

Everyone’s stuck in a rut in the Spaced episode “Change." Brian can’t seem to paint, no matter how he approaches it (exemplified in a wonderfully cartoonish sequence), and both Daisy and Tim are having difficulty on the career front.

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Spaced Newbie Recap: “Back”

We're starting season two!

And we’re back! After a week or two (or three but who’s counting) of a Spaced break I’m ready to dive right in. The season begins with the status quo being shaken up a bit

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Six Films For A Growing Feminist

I haven’t always labeled myself as a feminist. Either due to being ignorant about its meaning or insecure about what others would say, I am guilty of the statement, “I believe in equal rights, but I wouldn't call myself a feminist."

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Spaced Newbie Recap: “Ends”

“Life just isn’t like the movies.”

Can all season finales mimic what the season one finale of Spaced managed to accomplish?

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Spaced Newbie Recap, “Epiphanies”

Is there any song in existence as instantly feel good as “Come On Eileen” by the Dexy’s Midnight Runners? What a way to start the episode. Hell, what an episode in general. It doesn’t seem like much of a reach to say that the sixth episode “Epiphanies” is Spaced's finest installment to date.

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Spaced Newbie Recap: “Chaos”

Despite an action-packed episode courtesy of Tim’s adoration of Star Wars, “Chaos” almost seems to be a relaxed version of the show. While it's certainly not a weak episode (does this show do weak episodes?), it’s definitely a more sedated version than we’ve gotten for the prior four weeks. Despite this, Edgar Wright goes all out in his love of quick cuts, exaggerated close ups, and sound effects paired with both.

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Spaced Newbie Recap, “Battles”

We finally got more Mike this week!

With this weeks episode of Spaced I saw two more Edgar Wright-isms introduced in the early stages of his career. First, there was his love of people jumping out of windows and out of scene, which would of course come back in Scott Pilgrim vs The World and The Worlds End. Then, Tim says to Brian "you've got some paint on you" which can't help but make me remember "you've got red on you" from Shaun of the Dead.

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Spaced Newbie Recap, “Art”

My word, is David Williams' character Vulva ever on the eerie side.

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Spaced Newbie Recap, “Gatherings”

I don’t see myself ever not saying this, but I loved this episode! It had me laughing essentially from the beginning until it ended, while allowing us to learn more about our oddball lead characters. The premise is again deceptively simple: Daisy, like many of us, is an enthusiastic procrastinator and decides to throw a party instead of sitting down to write anythin

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The CW’s The 100 Now Has A 17-Year-Old Female Canon Bisexual Protagonist

And you should be watching it.

Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) was already a tremendously written and performed female character, bucking the typical archetypes for leading ladies, particularly ones on The CW. She is courageous, clinical and kind-hearted, while also being vulnerable and, at times, lethal. She's the brain of the show team, the one who's always trying to keep her people one step ahead of any looming threat. She's a badass.

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Spaced Newbie Recap, “Beginnings”

There are no filmmakers like Edgar Wright. Wright has taken what’s fun about the cinematic experience and projected it through a lens that’s full of cheeky humor, impressively diverse visuals, and an emotional thorough line. All the while, he takes familiar narratives (buddy cop movies, zombies and aliens) and compresses them into a more singular story, while simultaneously broadening the topics to find something that can reach past those formulaic tropes.

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Here’s Why You Should Be Watching The 100

Right now. Go. Do it.

It’s been a while since we've had something likened to Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica on our television screens, and while I wouldn't be foolish enough to say that The 100 fills those voids, I will say that it’s the best sci-fi television has had to offer in a long while.

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Here’s Why You Should Be Watching Broad City Tonight

Broad City makes me really, very happy. I don't see a lot of me on television or in movies (despite there being a drastic increase in the amount of fantastically explored and fleshed out female characters on television lately). I see plenty of females who can kick some serious ass. I see lawyers and doctor and spies. I see mothers trying to hold their families together, and daughters who are trying to find a sense of self. And that's great! But I rarely ever see me.

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The Strength of Arrow‘s Laurel Lance and Other Women of Television

Heck yeah, female characters!

It has been a wonderful season for women in television despite how lackluster it’s been for them in film, and for evidence you need to look no further than Laurel Lance on the CW’s Arrow. (But of course, we'll look further anyway!)

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