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Genderswap And Other Alternative Cosplay From Comic-Con 2012

Fans Do Cool Things

  1. Superhero Disney Princesses Superhero Disney Princesses

    Cosplay is fun no matter what but when you've been doing it a few years, you start to think outside the box and see how you can mix things up a bit. There's also those first-timers out there who want to start with something a little less complicated (what am I saying, cosplay is always complicated!) that's more of an outfit than a costume yet still portrays their favorite character. In the last few years, genderswap and alternative versions of costumes have gotten popular in the cosplay world. Here's a collection of just those kinds of cosplays from Comic-Con International 2012.

    (via Eurobeat Kasumi Photography)

  2. Kratos from God of War Kratos from God of War

    (via DTJAAAAM)

  3. Black Widow Black Widow

    (via DTJAAAAM)

  4. Halo Halo

    (via CheekHabit)

  5. Wolverine Wolverine

    (via ComicsAlliance)

  6. Steampunk Lara Croft Steampunk Lara Croft

    (via Bitspitter)

  7. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    (via PsikickConphoto)

  8. Geordi La Forge Geordi La Forge

    (via io9)

  9. Blue Beetle & Booster Gold Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

    (via W10002)


    (via DTJAAAAM)

  11. Indiana Jones Indiana Jones

    (via Rick R. 1)

  12. The Avengers The Avengers

    (via uncle_shoggoth)

  13. Leia and Han Leia and Han

    (via WeKnowMemes)

  14. Cyclops Cyclops

    (via DTJAAAAM)

  15. The Rocketeer The Rocketeer

    (via P1LaughingMan)

  16. Tintin Tintin

    (via Sebastian Jesperson)

  17. The Avengers Bunnies The Avengers Bunnies

    (via Sebastian Jesperson)

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